Saint Augustin 28th August Saints of August Saint Augustin 28 août Saints du mois d’août

“You, however, must not allow yourselves to be called Rabbi, since you have only one Master, and you are all brothers.”
Wednesday 29 July 2015

2 Th., 1-5.8b-10 Ps. 95 Mt.23, 8-12

Saint Augustin 28th August Saints of August

Augustin preached the beauty of God’s Love : ’Warned in my readings to do a turn around, I entered into the depths of my heart, led by You.I could do this because you were my support. I went in , and I saw with I know what which eye, higher than my thought, a still presence. It wasn’t the ordinary light that the eyes of the body sees nor a light of the same kind but something more powerful and brighter, filling everything with its immensity. No, it wasn’t that but a different light very different to all that.“He will say again, ’Your weight is your love.’ You are worth what your love is.Love is so beautiful and precious that is always being born.It is an experience we have in the Holy Spirit. When we love, we place ourselves in the service of the loved one. It is something that is inwardly necessary. It is impossible in love to give oneself a title of ’Rabbi’; the only master being God. Augustin is this incredibly intelligent man with a surprisingly powerful view. At the school of Jesus, he said ’We recognize that we dwell in him, and him in us, to whom he gives a part of his Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit who comes to out help for the very love of God is given to us so that we might love one another. ’See how God has manifested his love amongst us : God sent this only Son in the world so that we might live in Him.’”You must call no one on earth your father, since you have only one Father, and he is in heaven."

All Christian conversion is really here, listening to the Will of the Father. Saint Augustin manifested this with a word that shocked people :

’Love and do what you will.’

"My beloved, since God has so loved us, we also should love one another. This is how we recognize Love : it is not us who have loved God the first, it is He who has

loved us and He sent his Son who is the victim offered up for our sins.’ Jesus’ Resurrection has made of us renewed beings, we have become his brothers so tenderly loved by the Father who gives us his Love.This Father of Jesus loves us with an Infinite Love and we have become this Father’s children, who gives us his Love. We receive this Love like a good son and we try to put into place each day. ’My beloved, let us love one another since Love comes from God.’ This light was neither above my thoughts like the oil floating on water, nor like the sky spreading out over the whole earth. It was above because it was what made me, and I underneath, because I am its work.In order to know it, one must know the truth; and the one who knows it, knows eternity it is charity that knows it. O eternal truth, true charity, dear eternity! You are my God, and I sigh for you day and night.(Saint Augustin)

“The greatest among you must be be your servant; Anyone who raises himself up will be humbled, and anyone who humbles himself will be raised up.”

Humility is a fruit of faith in God who is Love. ’God, no one has ever seen him. But if we love one another, God dwells in us.’ When I began to know you, you rose me up to you to show me that I still had many things to understand and how much I was unable to do so. You had me see the weakness of my way of seeing things, throwing onto me your splendor, and I shivered with love and fear. I discovered that I as fr from you in the region of dissemblance, and your voice came to me in the heights : ’ I am the bread of the great, when you become big you will eat me.And it is not you who will change me into you, as it happens for the food of the flesh; you shall be changed in me.’ ’Saint Augustin) We know very well how incapable we are to love. Our heart is very fragile in his Love.tHis act of faith, hope and love is our spiritual combat, it is good for us to hear this word of faith that fortifies us. As soon as we are no longer in this love we are in danger. To love is a decision, it is a struggle, whatever may happen, against everything that could put this little fame out that is in our heart and that has us love one another. ’I shall never-endingly sing of your love o Lord.’ This is where our conversion is, it is the cry of our resurrection. This is the experience that Monica and Augustin had : We opened avidly the mouth of our soul to the heavenly waves of your Source,

the source that is in you, so to gather some drops of you that we could conceive to a certain extent such a great thing."

Let us ask for the grace to be taken along in this New Love that is always offered to us.

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