Saint Bridget of Sweden, 23rd July, Feast Days of July Sainte Brigitte de Suède, 23 juillet, Fêtes du mois de juillet

“Anyone that does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.”
Tuesday 30 June 2015 — Latest update Saturday 23 July 2016

Tb.8,5-10 or Ga 2, 19-20 Ps. 33 Mk. 3, 31-35

Saint Bridget of Sweden 23rd July

“She never left the temple, serving God night and day in fasting and in prayer.”

Tb 12,6-13 Ps.90 Lk.2,38-38

“There was a prophetess too, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, Of the tribe of Aser. She was well on in years.”

In God’s people it is the ’prayerful’ who keep up hope for each person.

Pope Saint John Paul II, well aware of the problems we have in Europe, wished there to be three women saints as patrons of Europe : they are Saint Bridget of Swede, Saint Benedict of the Cross and Saint Catherine of Siena.They are saints of Europe alongside Sainte Benedict and Saint Cyril and Saint Method.

Heaven comes to the aid of earth in combat for Light , Truth to be lived out in Europe.

Each one of us is concerned in the combat for the Gospel for humanity with the help of all the saints.

By his Word God edifies the unity of humanity in himself, he fives it all his place.

In order to accomplish the Heavenly Will of the Father,<e> rd July Feast Days of July

"Now his mother and his brothers arrived and, standing outside, sent in a message asking for him.A crowd was sitting round him at the time the message was passed to him, ’Look, your mother and brother and sisters are outside asking for you.’

Pope John Paul II, aware of the difficulties we are in in Europe, wished for the Church in Europe to have other saints associated to Saint Benedict as the patron Saints of Europe. So these are three woman Saints : Saint Bridget, Saint Catherine of Sienna and Saint Benedict of the Cross. So we have heaven coming to help earth in the combat for Light and Truth in Europe. It is the combat for the Gospel for humanity, and each one of us is concerned by it. Here we contemplate Jesus in a very practical scene, surrounded by a crowd of people from his village. Jesus’ close friends and relatives came form Nazareth to Capharnuum. But on seeing the quantity of people they stay outside and call him out. Mary, following Jesus’ cousins, suffers in silence for their misunderstanding of the Divine Mystery within Him. The “world” like Jesus cousins have the same misgivings. Mary will suffer even more at the Cross when Jesus will reconcile humanity in his crucified flesh. This is where Jesus kills hatred, by his very Person. Ad so He brings to birth a new humanity, he edifies the unity of humanity in Himself, by His Word that gives back to God all his place. In order to do the work of Love of Jesus in our country and to do the Will of the Love of Our Father, we must renounce our own will that is always bringing about division. Each one of us can find his place in the Body of Christ! Together we are going to build up a new world in Christ. The Church continues Jesus’ work, one He began in Mary when she gave Jesus a Body.

"Jesus answered them, ’Who are my mother and my brothers?’ And looking at those sitting in a circle round him, said, ’ Here are my mother and my brothers.’

Whatever the mysteries of life we are going through : joyful, luminous, sorrowful or glorious, they accomplish God’s Will and this counts the most.The Gospel gives all of its fecundity to our lives when we dwell in the unbelievable Love of God for us. In Jesus’ response, there is no motivation for rejection from his close ones. He had left them to follow the divine call and he shows himself to be presently so close to them by family links because He belongs completely to God His Father.What Jesus asks of his disciples, Jesus had personally lived all of this beforehand. With Saint Bridget we want to participate in the edification of Christ’s Body, the Church.She is known for her ’revelations’, this short book in which she glorifies Christ in His Passion. It is the Mystery of the Bride who follows the Lamb everywhere He goes and who knows a very fecund life. The bride is a support for her Bridegroom in the gift of himself where the Church is being born. “I bless you Lord for your holy agony. You sweated blood. You loved us to this extent, I bless you for it and I glorify you for it.” The psalmist already said : ’Whoever looks to Him will shine’ The bride will find nourishment in the life of Jesus. In Him she continues her praise :’I bless you, you who hung on the wood in order to save us. You poured out your blood for us. Yes, be truly blessed! “”Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.“Jesus founds a new spiritual family. He glances around at those sitting around Him and he says to them : ’See my mother and my brothers. The one who does the Will of God, they are my brother, my sister, my mother.” In other passages of his Gospel, Saint Mark describes other ways of looking like this. Jesus tells us that those who listen to his word and accomplish God’s Wil; this is his brother, his sister, his mother. He exhorts those who are sitting there to enter into communion with Him by the means of accomplishing the divine will. In these words we see how Jesus praises his mother Mary, who is blessed for ever because she believed. It is the Mystery of our humanity, at all times in the breath of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel tells us again what our call is : ’My brother, my sister, my mother is the one who does the will of my Father.“In the mystery of the Eucharist, the Church continues to”bring to birth“the One to whom Mary gave a Body.”Hail, true Body born of the Virgin Mary ’, says the Liturgy. Saint Bridget of

Sweden wanted to accomplish God’s plan of Love in her own flesh. With her, we come back to the gentle voice of God in our daily life so as to accomplish His work. The gentle breeze is given to us to accomplish what we have to bring about at each moment in asking God to protect us so that we can do his Holy Will.

Let us ask for the grace to contemplate Jesus in His Passion which saves us