Saint Bruno- 6th October Saint Bruno-le 6 octobre

« So I say to you : ’Ask, and it will be given to you ; seek, and you shall find ; knock, and it will be opened to you. »
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Ga.3,1-5 CT. Lk.1, 69-75 LK.11,5-13

Saint Bruno 6th October

« Now I say to you ’Ask and you shall receive ; seek and you shall find ; knock and it shall be opened to you. »

Ga.3,1-5 Ct.1,69-75 11,5-13

« Jesus said to them : ’Suppose one of you had a friend and went to find him in the middle of the night to ask him » My friend, lend me three loaves, I have a friend who has dropped in from a journey and I don’t have anything to offer him to eat."

The Church proposes Saint Bruno as a figure of perseverant prayer.

We ask our Father for the grace of prayer, the gift of piety of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who prays in us and who asks for what we need.

The Gospel helps us understand the perseverance in prayer.

Jesus’ disciples had asked him to teach them to pray, he would pray alone for long periods of time in communion with His Father.

His disciples seeing him pray were impressed with his way of praying, so loving and free.

Once Jess had taught his disciples the prayer of Hope, the Our Father, he then taught them what it meant to be charitable.

Taking an example he had them progress in the recognition of the goodness of our Heavenly Father.

He said : the friend gives what you need out of necessity

God watches over us, he is concerned for us

’Not one hair falls from your head without your Heavenly father knowing it.’

We can walk in darkness and in stormy weather, yet we are not alone, God is with us we can trust in Him , He is there present with us.

The Heavily Father whom we implore loves how insistent we are for it is the sign we believe in Him !

« I declare to you, says Jesus even if he doesn’t get up to give it to him out of friendship, he will get up and give it to him for friendship’s sake he will give him everything he needs. »

We know that in Jesus’ time there was very often just one room for the whole of the family. When night came, as though the living quarters were a grotto, a door was erected, things were tidied and mats placed on the floor. People then slept side by side.

The master of the house wants everyone to have a good night’s rest, so when anyone batters on the door he would tell them to be silent. If the person keeps on battering at the door it is quite obvious that the master of the house will do all he can to answer his needs, give him a loaf of bread etc through the crack in the door.

Our Heavenly Father is goodness itself. He will always give good things to us. He directs all things in view of our salvation, our eternal life. He gives us his Holy Spirit so our spirit becomes holy and we enter into an adhesion with his Will, God does all he can to save us.

« Which father among you will give a snake to his son who asks him for a fish ? Or a scorpion when he asks for an egg ? If then , you who are evil know how to give good things to your children, how much ore will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask for it. »

Jesus teaches his disciples what the attitude of the person who prays should be like. Whoever is in need doesn’t take any particular precaution to ask help from the one he considers to be his friend.

God answers our prayer according to our inner disposition. It is with a total simplicity of heart and according to the man who is a believer that we have to express our desire to God, our needs and expectations and our supplications.

Prayers is not an elaborated construction, but a disposition of surrender and of freedom.

Jesus encourages whoever prays to ask for what he is in need of and to be made free in the Heart of God with simplicity, candour and great confidence.

Our prayer is not answered when God gives us what we asked for, but because God gives the Holy Spirit to us. This disposition of surrender and complete confidence of heart does not lead us to ask for whatever we like, but to desire only whatever God wishes to give, that is his Spirit.

We place ourselves at the school of Jesus so as to learn from Him the inner attitude of prayer. This is what we can ask for with insistence. We know that we receive the Holy Spirit that God gives to all those who ask it.

We ask for the grace to be docile to the Holy Spirit in order to co-operate with his work of Love.

Saint Bruno : 6th October Feast Days of October

« Jesus also said to them, ’ Suppose one of you has a friend and goes to him in the middle of the night to say, ’My friend, lend me three loaves, because a friend of mine on his travels has just arroved at my house and I have nothing to offer him. » and the man answers from inside the house, ’ Do not bother me. The door is bolted now, and my children are with me in bed ; I cannot get up to give you some bread.’ « After having taught us how to pray the ’Our Father, Jesus wishes to teach us how to ask for things in prayer. This represents a sign of Hope , illustrating the first Beatitude : ’Blessed are the poor in spirit… » Someone who is poor stretches out his hand, hoping to get something and he never tires of asking. He perserveres, going as far as taking the risk that he will grow weary. The one whom we implore, the Father in Heaven, likes us to insist, for it shows that we believe in Him !

In the time of Jesus we know that there was just one room in the family house ! Like a grotto in front of which there was a door, when evening came, everything was tidied up and people got out the mats to put on the floor, where people slept side by side. When everyone falls asleep the Master of the House is concerned that everyone will spend a good night. If someone comes and knocks hard on the door, he is told ’Sshh ! Be quiet, we’re sleeping, stop bothering us.’ Obviously the other person keeps hammering on the door and the Master of the house will go and fetch a piece of bread and pass it to him through a gap in the doorway.

« ’I tell you,’ said Jesus, ’ if the man does not get up and give it to him for friendship’s sake, persistence will make him get up and give his friend all he wants. So I say to you : Ask and it will be given to you ; seek, and you shall find ; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ »

The Heavenly Father is Goodness itself and he will of course give you only good things. But the Father directs everything in order for our salvation, for our

eternal life.He gives to us his Holy Spirit so that our own spirit becomes holy and that we dhere to his Will that does all to save us. The Church proposes Saint Bruno as a counternance of perservering prayer. We ask our Father for the grace of prayer, for the gift of piety from the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who prays in us and asks for us whatever we need. The gospel helps us to understand how to perservere in prayer.

« What father amongst you, if his son asked for a fish, would hand him a snake ? Or if he asked for an egg, hand him a scorpion ? If you, then , evil as you are, know how to give your children what is good, how much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him ! »

Many of us would like God to preserve us from all trials, whether they come from the malice of men or ones that are just whims of nature. And besides, In all this ,we forget that evil in all its forms is the consequence of the original rupture of the first couple with its Creator. Now, said Jesus, do not fear death in the body but rather the death of the spiritual soul. In order to prove the infinite Love of the Father, the Son gave his life on the Cross for our salvation. Jesus means ’God saves.’ Let us tirelessly ask Jesus to provide the necessary graces for our salvation. In this way the mystery of charity will be exerced in our own lives ! Where should we go when faced with two things that are good ? (For example the household in need of peaceful sleep, and the request of this friend ) Not always an easy choice ! Jesus takes this example to have us move forward in the Goodness of our Heavenly Father. He is saying : The friend gives what you really need, God is concerned about you, he watches over each one of us : ’Not a hair from your head will fall without the permission of your Father.’ We can walk in darkness, in a tempest, and yet we are not alone for God is with us. God is not lacking, we can trust .

We ask for the grace to be docile to the Holy Spirit in order to co-operate with His work of Love.