Saint Teresa of Avila-15th October Sainte Teresa d’Avila -15 octobre

“Good people draw what is good from the store of goodness in their hearts.”
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Saint Teresa of Avila –15th October

“There is no sound tree that produces rotten fruit, nor again a rotten tree that produces sound fruit.”

Jesus speaks about two trees, we are either a good tree that bears a good fruit, or we are a bad tree that bears a bad fruit. We can be in an illusion but it is impossible that we be a good tree and bear from time to time good fruit and from time to time, bad fruit. Saint Teresa of Avail taught how we can bear a good fruit for the Lord Jesus. If we don’t go any further than our own words, this can be a succession of acts of death that carry us to despair! And so we can let our conscience go to sleep and and do the contrary of what the Lord Jesus has always taught us, to the point of being crucified because of our deafness. The power of love that that dwelt in the heart of Teresa was nourished by her life of faith.’ The Lord said one day to Teresa : ’ Up until now you didn’t belong to me completely, now that you are entirely mine, know that I am entirely yours.’ God burns with an extreme desire to be united to us; but we too should take care to be united to God. The Carmel is a great school where one learns to encounter the hidden God, in the most intimate part of oneself : ’O Trinty whom I adore, ’said Elizabeth of the Trinity . We are a living praise of glory, the temple of the Holy Spirit in the school of Our blessed Lady! In their faith, these women bring about a revolution in the world. Teresa was assailed with combats from all directiions, by her family, by her governing people of the time,and yet she held out. We oughtn’t let ourselves be stopped by our fragilities, on the contrary, we make use of them as a spring board in order to go to the Heart of God who is full of tender mercy.

"Every tree can be told by its own fruit : people do not pick fgs from thorns, nor gather grapes from rambles.’

In order to to bear good fruit and to bear witness to his Love, God gives us his Holy Spirit as Consoler and Master of entire Truth ; the simple fact of welcoming Him,letting ourselves be loved by the Holy Spirit, makes us be ourselves, and makes of us his witnesses. We aren’t afraid to announce Jesus in our lives, even if it isn’t easy in society, in our work and in our famiilies. Teresa of Avila would travel tirelesssly around by a means of transport which caused her alot of suffering. It was awful for her. She would cross her country

to found monasteries with young nuns. When she would find a shelter in an inn in the countryside, she would spend sleepless nights there. Her life was a pilgrimage ’ a bad night spent in a bad inn, ’she would say, in the great weakness of her being. She prononced herself for the Lord with great love. when she had acquired a house in a suitable place, Jesus King of Love was exposed in the Blessd Screment there. The sisters could thus adore the Lord, enlightened by Teresa, it was God’s power acting through her just as God’s power always acts in the Church despite through our great weaknesses.

“Good people draw what is good from the store of goodness fromt heir hearts; bad people draw what is bad fromt he store of badness. From the word of the mouth flow out of what fills the heart.”

Jesus asks us to learn to live in light , strength ad joy which come by the fact that God gives himself totally to each one of us. This conscience changes our lives, like a ferment which can and must penetrate each moment of the day, in each of our realtionships, in each person we meet. We let ourselves be loved without limits and freely by the Lord who is nothing but Love and Mercy. This Good News bears witness to his Love, God’s Glory in our lives is a great happiness that we can’t keep just for ourselves ; we need to keep coming back to the source to take time to contemplate the marvels which God does in our lives. Jesus is still at work today in bearing witness also through our word . God’s power comes through human weakness, and this is a great mystery of hope. The Holy Spirit who caused Jesus to rise again acts through our weakness and misery. The powers of this world and all of hell can be let loose, they are powerless in the face of the Breath of Love of the Heart of God. If someone stands up, eyes fixed upon Jesus the Saviour, the strength, the power of Christ acts in Him. We ask God for the ardour that dwelt in Teresa’s heart when Teresa started off on the road with the power of the Holy Sprit courageously going over all obstacles. Today she shines forth the Beauty of God.

We ask for the grace to understand the Beauty and the Power of the Infinite Love of God that is excerced in our weakness.

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