Saturday of 27th week, uneven numbered year Samedi de la 27e semaine, année impaire

Jesus declared : ’Blessed are you who hear the Word of God and keep it!"
Friday 9 October 2015

Jl.4,12-21 Ps.96 Lk.11,27-28

SATURDAY of 27th WEEK, uneven numbered year

“It happened that as he was speaking, a woman in the crowd raised her voice and saud, ’ Blessed the womb that bore you and the breasts that fed you!”

The decison of the Redemption was taken in the eternal silence of the inner Life of God. And it is the darkness of a silent house in Nazareth that the strength of the Holy Spirit came down upon the Virgin, in solitude and in prayer, and that the Incarnation of the Saviour was brought about. Then , gathered around the silent Virgin in prayer, the newly-born Church hoped for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that had been promised so as to give it life, give it inner clarity, her fecundity and her effciency… In this silent dialogue between the blesed beings of God and their Lord there was being prepared the events of the history of the Church, visible from a long way off and that renew the face of teh earth.The Virgin, who kept in her heart each Word spoken to her by the Lord, prefigures those beings who are attentive and in whom the priestly prayer of Jesus is born again to life evermore,sings Saint Teresa Benedict of the Cross.

When Jesus was talking, this woman is moved by the Holy spirit, beginning to cry out from the crowd :

“” Blessed the mother (womb) that bore you and the breasts that fed you!“This woman exclaims as Jesus is speaking,He is giving meaning back to everything. She feels joined again in her femininity, in her mystery. God’s Blessing becomes corporel, it is Jesus’ blessing come in flesh : In this woman dwells Jesus’ Blessing, she loves the children she bore, she is joined in her femininity, in her mystery, ’ she is”blessed amongst all women". Mary wa s the first person to listen to God’s Word, and she put it into practice as no one had ever done so before; she welcomes the Word of God in her flesh, and she spent all of her hidden years in Nazareth with Jesus, meditating in her heart all that she learned from the Words of Jesus and from his way of doing things. We want to hear God’s Word, keep it, meditate it and do his Wil that is Love from the very moment we come into contact with this personnified Word of Jesus, the Word of God. Like Mary, there aren’t any words that we love as

much as those of Jesus, no teaching at all other than His that we meditate upon, no other will that we want to do than His in our deepest desire.

“So Jesus replied :”More blessed stil are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!“We hear Elizabeth’s echo resound : ’Blessed are you who believed the words that were said from the Lord.” and Mary’s Canticle : ’All generations wil call me Blesed.’ Jesus is the Living Word of God, the Word that says what his origin is. Human and Divine origin coincide within Mary : ’The Holy Spirit will come down upon you?’ Jesus is the Engendered One of the Father who is born from the Woman who gave him flesh. It is due to thelistening to God’s Word that Jesus is conceived in human flesh. This blessing has us go back to Jesus’ origins. Mary in her mystery kept all these words and she meditaed them in her own heart. We want to be like her, deeply detrermined to belong to Jesus, in a deep heart to heart with him, in a prayer that is adressed to him to ask him for graces he is very ready to give to us. God’s Word brings to loght the Blessing, the Happiness that comes from God. Jesus and Mary lived this Blessing with such agreat fulness in this Happiness that comes from God. This Blessing from the Father bursts forth in the whole Gospel when Jesus reveals God’s Infinite Love that was spread throughot the whole of humanity. Jesus blessse his Father, he says good of humanity which is the spleabdour of God’s Glory. the blossoming of His Love.

We ask for the grace of God’s Blessing.