Saturday of 2nd week , even numbered year Samedi de la 2e semaine, année paire

“His relatives…set out to take a hold of him, saying ’He is out of his mind.’”
Monday 7 December 2015

2 S 1-27 Ps.79 Mk.3,20-21

Saturday of 2nd week, uneven numbered year “So Jesus went home again.”

We contemplate Jesus in the gift he makes of Himself. People come to him from everywhere, he always has a word for each one. ’When Jesus came back home a great crowd gathered together to the extent that they couldn’t even eat any bread.’ If Jesus didn’t have the time even to eat bread, he teaches us that it is He the Bread of Life! He is identical to the gift He makes of Himself : ’I am the Living Bread of Life; whoever eats my Body will never be hungry." he will say at the time of giving up his Life so that we shall have true Life. ’And his own, having learnt this, left to take hold of him for they were saying ’He’s gone out of his mind.’

Jesus’s Mother, Mary, who is nourished by the Word, of God trusts Jesus, but his relations don’t have the same knowledge that she has! We come to understand how she accompanies humbly her people on the way of Jesus. Much more than his Word, Jesus’ Life is full of abundant and wonderful contrasts. He calls himself a king but he is born in a stable. He calls himself Master but he washes the feet of his apostles. To spread his message he chooses people who are ignorant, not knowledgeable people, but timid and ’good for nothing’. Yes indeed, he went out of his mind so as to put up with all the ordeals and come to the help of those undergoing trials. This makes us exult with joy because Jesus has changed our mourning into a dance.

"So when Jesu came back home people gathered around to the extent they couldn’t even eat any bread.’

Still today, the world has the same attitude as Jesus’ relations and scribes had, asking questions to us. We want to follow the way of the Saints, entering into great compassion for others. If Jesus is so much out of his mind that he gives himself as food, delivering himself into our hands, it is the only means he has to make his home, his dwelling place, within us.

With the author of the Imitation of Christ we can say :’I know that two things are absolutely necessary for me on this earth, without which my miserable life would be unbearable : linked to the servitudes of my body, I am in need of food and light. This is why you have given me your Sacred Body to sustain my

body and my sick soul, and ’your word is a lamp to lighten my steps.’ Without this, I would be unable to live worthily, for the Word of God is light for the soul, and your sacrament the Bread of Life.“’Learning of this ,people came to take hold of him for they declared ’He his out of his mind.”

Jesus is disconcerting, he bothers people close to him for they cannot accept this, they look at him as the son of Joseph and Mary in the synagogue and they do not recognise him. In all of the Gospel we see a Jesus who is so close to us, we think we know where he comes from but we don’t know what his identity is. In becoming one of us, God enters into the thatched house of Zacchaeus and Matthew; he enters into the anguish of human conflicts and serenely comes against lively oppositions. The madness of God’s Love will always be something that is puzzling for us; his closest relations won’t understand but for all those who accept to live like Jesus , which gives us our original resemblance, what a lovely cry of recognition! We want to enter into Jesus’ mystery and express a huge thanksgiving before Jesus, cause of our Salvation. He has set us free from the tortures of the world of violence like the innocent lamb come to bear the sins of the world. We know from experience how our head can cool the intuitions of the gift of ourselves and harden our hearts. Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection open up for us a path of Light. Because Jesus went right to the end of the gift of Himself, we can follow his path. With Mary, we keep all these things in our heart.

We ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us on the path of our life. May He give us strength and light to follow Jesus.