Saturday of 2nd week, unven Samedi d e la 2e semaine, impaire

“Jesus went home again and once more such a crowd collected that they could not even have a meal.”
Monday 2 November 2015 — Latest update Saturday 19 November 2016

He 9, 11-14 Ps. 46 Mc. 3 20-21

Saturday of 2nd week, uneven numbered year “Jesus went home again and once more a crowd gathered together.” He.9,11-14 Ps. 46 Mk.3,20-21 “Jesus went home again and once more a crowd gathered together that they could not even have a meal.” Jesus’ life is woven with such marvellous contrasts. He is King, yet born in a stable. He is Master, and yet he washes the feet of his apostles. His message is for ignorant, uneducated people, it is for those who are timid, poor and for the little ones. He bears all kinds of ordeals so as to bring help to those undergoing rejection and shame. With Jesus we enter into a fresh movement of compassion towards others.  Jesus became so close to us and so we want Him to be alive in our hearts.  Jesus always wanted to keep quiet about his identity for those he healed, because He knew people would take him too much on a human value. His painful destiny will scandalise those who listen to Him! They won’t understand His Mystery nor the meaning of His Mission. The chief leaders push Him away. They make those who are familiar with Jesus doubt Him. And so Jesus found Himself before the incredulity of those closest to him and also His own family. Yet the crowds had heard Jesus’ Word, it is a nourishment for their lives! ’They couldn’t even go and have something to eat.’ Their lives had finally found a meaning in this Person of Jesus. Their life was no longer unbearable. Without this Word which was nourishment for their lives they were unable to live in dignity, for the Word of God is a Light for the soul. We see here how Jesus is a Gift for humanity, for the world. He knows just how hungry this crowd is, coming together to the point of missing out on their meal. Then Jesus teaches us how He is the Bread of Life! He is the same as the Gift He gives to us.   “When his relations came to know of this they set out to take a hold of him.” Jesus went into the arena of human conflicts, coming across fierce opposition. The way he acts makes people go out of their minds, his crazy Love will always be something we cannot altogether grasp. Jesus disconcerts, he bothers those closest to Him who are unable to accept Him. Their gaze halts on the son of Joseph and Mary. He who takes up the word in the synagogue will never be recognised. Nor will he be understood. They don’t recognise how Jesus is the accomplishment of the expected Promise. And yet the only way He can dwell within us is when we let ourselves be nourished by His Word. There are those ’within’ who listen to His Word and then those ’on the outside’ who reject Jesus and who oppose Him. But the positions are not definitive, those who are on the outside are called to be part of a group on the inside. They can barely take this in and are hardly aware of this, they r educe themselves to fighting Jesus on the outside. Fortunately, our Blessed lady, Jesus’ mother, who is nourished by God’s Word, trusts Jesus. His relations don’t have the same experience nor knowledge as does she! We understand that she reasons humbly with her own people on the Way Jesus has shown. This is a double witness for her! To tell Jesus how much she loves Him again, and to be led by her relations, waiting for the Word to accomplish its Work of Love. “For they said : ’he’s gone out of his mind.” This is the expression of the mystery of the Incarnation which has Jesus rise up again, he who is so close to us, that He is too close. He is a paradox to be understood. They know his origins and yet to his identity. H is so free that he seems to have gone out of his mind. In becoming one of us he went into Zacharias and Levi’s home. Going into a town in Samaria he is pushed to contest religious practices, concerned by what is genuine. For those close to him he is misunderstood and for those who welcome Him there is this lovely cry of recognition. ’Behold the Lamb’, the innocent Lamb come to snatch us away from evil. Still today is the world in this attitude! But we welcome Him with Mary. We prefer His choice which is always seeking something going beyond ourselves. We know by experience that our reason can make our intuitions of Love grow cold and can harden our hearts.  Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection will open up for us a ay of love. We ask for the grace to always listen to the Word of God and to be nourished from the Bread of True Life. SATURDAY of 2nd WEEK, uneven

“And once more a crowd collected.” This crowd had heard the Word of Jesus, and this Word is nourishment for their life! This life which is theirs and which is so hard to face up to has finally found someone who gives it meaning! Otherwise it would be hard to put up with this miserable life.“Your Word is a lamp for my steps”’Ps.118,105. Without this Word which is nourishment, they would not be able to live in a dignified way,for the Word of God is Light for the soul. We contemplate Jesus in the gift of Himself.“Jesus went home again and proclaimed God’s Word.” He knows how hungry this crowd is, this crowd gathered around in such a way that they could not even have their meal. Jesus will teach us how he is the Bread of Life! He is identical to the gift he makes of himself : “I am the Bread of Life, He who eats this Bread will never hunger.”he says at the moment he gives his life to us so that we may have True Life.

“When his relations heard of this, they set out to take charge of him they said, ’He is out of his mind.’”Fortunately, Our Blessed Lady, the Mother of Jesus,who is nourished by the Bread of Life, Jesus Himself, places all her trust in Him. The members of her family do not know Jesus as well as she does! We come to understand how she humbly accompanies her own on Jesus’ path. It is a double way of witnessing for her, for through this she tells Jesus of her Love!“You are my witness, Lord,to the fact that that nothing can satisfy me, nothing can pacify me except you alone, o my God, it is you alone I wish to contemplate eternally. But this only becomes possible together in the human family,and so yet it lets itself be swept away by its”parents!“. In the meantime, the Word of Jesus does its work of Love.”’He ’s out of his mind!’ they said." Still today we are in the same atitude as Jesus’relations. But we are also in a state of welcome towards Mary. We prefer what is reasonable and yet we are always in search of something that goes beyond ourselves. We know by experience how our reasonable reasoning can dampen our intuitions that come from love, from the gift our selves and how they can harden our heart. The Passion and Ressurection of Jesus will open up to us a path of light. Because Jesus went right to the end of the gift of himself, we are able to follow his path. With Mary, we keep all these things in our heart. I thank you, Creator and Saviour of mankind, for manifesting your love to the whole world . You give to us the reality of your Body and Blood at the table of the altar.For sure, this treats a language that is hard to grasp; mother and relations are in a difficult position regarding their sense of belonging to Jesus; it is quite a critical situation. Yet they are all called to become disciples. Those who sit around Jesus and look on him as they listen to his Word are in a privileged position. Truely it is in earnestly listening to his Word that we become part of Jesus’ new

realtions. Thus the identity of those belonging to Jesus’ new relations becomes apparent, for it does not just concern those who are present but it concerns anyone at all, those who, by listening to the Word of God, do God’s Will.

We ask for the grace to always listen to the Word of God and to be nourished with True Life.