THURSDAY of 5th WEEK, uneven year

“So Jesus said to this Greek,”Syro-Phoenicien ’ For saying this, you may go home happy; the devil has gone out of your daughter.’ "
Wednesday 4 November 2015

Gn. 2, 18-25 Ps. 127 Mk. 7, 24-30

THURSDAY of 5th WEEK, uneven year

“He left that place and set out for the territory of Tyre. There he went into a house and did not want anyone to know he was there; but he could not pass unrecognized.At once a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit heard about him and came and fell at his feet. Now, this woman was a gentile, by birth a Syro-Phoenicien, and she begged him to drive the devil out of her daughter.”

This gospel shows us that if Jesus heals, it is due to the faith we have in Him : “For saying this..” What this woman says is a word that reveals her deep faith in Jesus Christ. She knew that by being confident and by being totally submitted to the Will of God, Jesus would be able to save her daughter. But our heart is ambiguous, it encounters all kinds of ambivalences. Time and time again, it needs to be taken up into God’s Loving Kindness, for without even realizing it ,we allow ourselves to be taken up by the world of idols. With the Word of God, we intensify our prayer in an attitude of humility and of thanksgiving for what is given to us. The word of God in this gospel passage shows surprising qualities of a heart that is open to the God of Israel : “Yes,” she says, taking up the words of Jesus,“it is true what you say. Israel comes first.”This woman wishes her daughter to be delivered from uncontrollable behaviour : “Come and drive that devil out of my daughter.” Jesus will bring about a liberation, but he puts into place his reasons for coming in the world! In our lives, whatever joyful and sorrowful events we may go through, they

are situated in a context that is to be respected. Then any exultation will be thanksgiving.

“Jesus said to her, ’The children should be fed first, because it is not fair to take the children’s’ food and throw it to little dogs’.But she spoke up, ’Ah yes, Sir,’ she replied, ’but little dogs under the table eat the scraps from the children!’”

Jesus wants me to ask for what I need. It is a source of consolation for him when one of his creatures turns towards Him with a loving and humble heart, accepting that he accomplishes marvels in our lives. Do I notice all the miracles he accomplishes in my daily life? This woman, whom Jesus magnifies, is our model of faith.A pagan, she humbly asks for her daughter’s healing. It is out of humility that the tired Jesus hides himself, “avoiding populated areas.” What surprises us is that this woman actually finds him! This woman’s humility finds the Gentle and Humble Jesus. Jesus seeks only the Glory of His Father.We, too, want to be the Glory of the Father. The teaching of the Word is important so that at the heart of our existence we enter into an attitude of thanksgiving.This woman remains the beloved child of the Father and she expects everything from Him since God gives everything we need. The relationship of the filiation with our Heavenly Father is so important! Also, it is important to meditate upon our human origins.“They are given to us so that we do not allow ourselves to be dominated by ideologies , and echoing this woman we open ourselves up to God’s grace.”And Jesus said to her : ’For saying this you may go home happy; the devil has gone out of your daughter. So she went off home and found her daughter lying on the bed and the devil gone." This woman has a boundless confidence in Jesus and so God communicates with her with a newness of personal communion! We give thanks for such a marvelous reality : God Our Father has sent Jesus His Son who is in Communion with the Divine Persons in the Holy Spirit. In her distress, this woman entered into a Communion of Love with God who saves us. The work of God always goes beyond us . Teach us, Heavenly Lord Jesus, to be ready to share with others every day the graces you have given to us. Have our hands, feet, tongue, all that we are, be at the service of our brothers and sisters so as to help them live with your grace. In our struggle for life, we want to act according to

God’s Loving plan and to follow Jesus, Gentle and Humble of Heart, He who welcomes the poor and the little ones.The Holy Spirit is at work at all times and everywhere, seeking the beloved children of the Father. Jesus is at work to take up again the heart of man and woman created in God’s image, and Jesus, in our combat, places our heart to beat in God’s Heart. In the harmony of “human nature”, once again we find ourselves in the loving gaze of God, and we contemplate the surprising power of love manifested to us by Jesus. This Word from God reveals to us that we are all created in God’s image. Thanks to this healing, we enter into the Wonder of the Living God who acts always and everywhere. And we can give Him endless thanks.

We ask from God the grace of humility so as to begin our work in God, may humility keep us in the gift of God.