The Eucharist and the Church. L’Eucharistie et l’Eglise

Samedi 16 février 2019

Audio The Eucharist and the Church (1/03/2003) (L’Eucharistie et l’Eglise) Let us begin by distinguishing between the conditions for the Holy Church of God and the mystical Body of the Church which is something more on an inner level. And how can we understand that the more difficult our exterior conditions are , the more alive our inner life must become. Now if we take an example of difficult conditions on the outside, which is what the Church in its early years lived, when if you were considered Christian you were locked up and exterior conditions became impossible, in the end they led to martrydom. So conditions which on the outside seemed apparently impossible. But the Saints said that it was the Church of Love, the Mystical Church, the Mystical Body of Christ that became even more vibrant the more it took a knocking from the outside. When we look at persecutions from the outside and the more recent ones, Christian men and women were excuded from any sort of responsability, given work that was at the bottom of the ladder to indicate that thye really weren’t very interesting and sometimes this was forced labour. So the harder things were for Christians on the outside, the Holy Church triumphed on the inside. The Saints, the martyrs are always given to us to contemplate upon. Why am I saying this, well it’s because today the conditions we are in are very difficult. I think it would be an error to belive that with easier exterior conditions, divine inner life would be stronger. It would be a mistake. This doesn’t mean at all that we should’nt try to have better and healthier work conditions, improve our community life, for we are at a period where we can see there are many human interferences for our psychology that come into play to help us remain balanced human beings. In fact if we look to Jesus when He was on earth, the the Son of Man and of God, he was like a ‘concentration’ of Divine Life, the image is not a very good one. He had an incredible Divine Presence. His Heart was burning with Love and it always needed another heart to be able to recieve it, and it was the Heart of Mary that corresponded to this ardent furnace which burned for the outside and whatever Jesus situation in his agony was this Heart which took in this Love and lived from this Love. To love the Holy Church, the Holy Church is us ! Of course it is the Holy Father, but the Holy Father made mystically present. Of course it is our Bishop, but the Bishop is not at home, it is the priest of course in his ministry. When Jesus is n’t there after the Ascension and the Holy Church of God was born at Pentecost, by the Sacrements, the divine Institution, what has to happen is that the same Love that Jesus came to bring to earth be saved : « I came to light a fire on earth, and how I longed for it to burn. » So where will this fire of Love burn, this fire of Love that burned from Jésus’ Heart to Mary’s Heart ? When I say this it means that by amplification, in all our hearts it will burn first of all in the heart of Mary and of John, because John will celebrate the Eucharist and this Eucharist will bring once more, in the Bread and Wine, the Body and Blood of Jesus,the Real Presence of Jesus. So then this Presence of Jesus in the sacrements and in the Church will form a body with the Church itself. Indeed, we are God’s tabernacle. Nothing, no coldness, no frost, no persecution, can ever touch this place. On the contrary, the more that place will burn, the more this place will be ablaze with Love, the more it will bring conversions where he is.through warmth and Light. I think we are very concerned, for our first task is to light the flame, to ensure that this Love Jesus brought on earth that dwelt in his male heart and this love he shared with Mary and always with the whole humanity around him. This Love is from now on the Church which carries it. But it needs to absolutely be in the image of Mary, so that it takes in this gift which will come to us through the sacrements, and the Eucharist. So, what should we do ? w need to light up the furnace of divine charity which Jesus came to intensify on earth, by his sacrements, and in the heart of all his sacrements through the Eucharist. We’re going to have to make this fire burn, this fire of Love which is the Eucharist, in such a way that just as Mary was transfomed by the little Child Jesus at Christmas, the Crucified Jesus, also Jesus in his sacrements.Imagine how Mary felt when Jesus left at the Ascension, I think that it was Mary who asked John, since he was the first to recieve Mary at the Cross, of course in link with Peter and the other apostles, and John celebrated the Eucharist. So that, quick, to be able to receive Jesus in the most Holy Sacrement of the alter, Jesus in His Body ad Blood in his real Presence, came and compensated the lack. Sorry, the image is not very good but I dont know how to explain differently , this is what our role is, the Church of God,to become aware that it is not by changing things on the outside, still, we must n(t neglet them, but this isn’t what is most essential, the most essential is to dwell in the mystery.And not less than bring the memorial, the place of the Passion and the Ressurection of Jesus into our midst, it is the adoration of the Blessed Sacrement that makes Jesus really Present, who transfoms the Bride, the Church, th Mystical Body of Jesus, and it is from this inner life that the outside will change, it is not the inverse. We can never transform what is better with what is not so good, I don’t quite know how to explain what I mean. By this inner transformation little by little the outside will change. To love the Church is to love what I am, love my own mystery and it is this new fraternity, love for our sisters and brothers which will be even more intense since these sisters and brothers touch the fire the Eucharist and together in the image of Mary thy from Christ’s Body, like the bread is made up of lots of tiny grains, like the wine is made up of a multitude of grapes, crushed, transformed, this is what is coming, this fraternal life , to make a good loaf of bread, good wine, this is the type of fratrnity Jesus wants to make in our midst. And then come along trials like little Saint Bernadette experienced…yesterday we invoked her at the Rosary, she can teach us so much…

God keeps telling us today what we need to do, where I need to place the accent upon ;my feeling is we need to bring about, re -kindle this Infinte Love of God, he came for that, in the sacramenatal Presence of Jesus, our baptism..dwell even more and more in our Confirmation, the Holy Spirit really did come deeply in us at our Confirmation, as He came to Mary at the Annunciation. the sacrement of reconciliation, to burn everything which is not from God, to live in this Presence and limpidity with God., but it is first and foremost about ourselves, how we are going to live the Church and this realtionship with the priest because it was in the relaionship with Saint John that Mary was able to receive Life, of course in the Body and Blood of Jesus he gave her without dissociating with this poor instrument, so as to be adapted to the mystery he celebrated. I thnk today in these times of violents and troubles,doubts the most important is to dwell in the mystery and to expect from the mystery, to dwell in it like Mary did in a suitable way,that it transform the milieu and not the inverse. Otherwise we can make mistakes by placing all our energy making buildings, now, the buiding is myself, my life, the temple of God, is my body, my life, this is what will shine forth with God ; I think we need to ask with alot of intensity that we be truely vibrant members of this Church which is holy because she loves, but to love the Church is to love what we are living together, what we celebrate together, and love everything that is hard in our lives ,to set fire to all that is hard, Jesus did this, offer everything that is difficult in our life, to set it aflame to make the fire of charity, Jesus never was shy, cold, tepid no, He was always ardent, prudently and by faith to so that the more the fire will burn in the heart of each of us , the more our house will be enlightend and alive

Let us ask Mary to help us, As Mary at the Annunciation, who said ‘ I am the servant of the Lord’, may I also be a servant for a holy Church and it is not other pople, it is us, when the Pope came to Canada he said

‘The Church is me and I am the Church’ .When I shall be alive and holy the more the Church will be alive and holy. « Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed art thou amongst women and blesse dis the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death, Amen. »