The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Le Coeur eucharistique de Jésus

Vendredi 15 février 2019

Audio Le Cœur eucharistique de Jésus The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. I believe we are all in need of healing. Yes, we really do need to be healed because we are not in communion with Jesus, with Mary, with each other. Now, Jesus desires for each one of us the same Communion of Love with Himself, with His Heart, as He has with Mary and so that we have with one another. And this is our wound and that is what we suffer from. The aspect which strikes me at the moment is how much we are in need of the Consoler as we are faced with our wounds, weaknesses, misery…how much we really do need to be consoled and how this consolation can come from others, but the demands of Love of Jesus Heart can be such that we ask Him alone to be the Consoler, this leaves us in a great poverty, in a great desire, in a great emptiness that He wants to fill but He wants to be the Consoler. Mary can be she who sends us in her mercy, because in a masculine and feminine heart there can be no doubt very different ‘touches’. So on this path of healing we need to have consolation to remain on the level of love, when we are really aware of this wound. But being on a path of consolation, we need to draw closer to one another and in doing closer to one another we see this impossibility to be able to get close, only Jesus can unite us to each other or else there are different parties and partisans and yet the community is one and Jesus wants us to be one. So this invocation, after the Consoler to have pity on us, to ask God, present ourselves as wounded, poor sinners, having been consoled by Him, by Mary,or by one another according to His Good Pleasure, that we consider ourselves as poor sinners, have pity on us and already in this prayer, in this divine pity, to at least be in contact with one another even if we are hurt, and not united, but to at least have the desire that if God wishes, He can unite us. I think it as a real path to come to this awareess and to this trust that He can do it, and that unity be on a Eucharistic level, He wants a unity which is incredibly great, so i t s’I trust in you’ that you can bring it about I trust that what I cannot do, with the consolation you give me, with my good will where I attract my brothers and sisters in this request for forgiveness, for pity : ‘Have pity on us’, I can begin to say I trust in Him. And something so beautiful is that we are united in the Eucharistic to Jesus and to the mystical body, we cannot receive holy communion properly if we don’ t have the desire in our heart to be enter into communion with all my sisters and brothers it s is like a small prottype of what the mystery of the Church is for we really are a community of poor people. We can recieve the gift of God to the extent of our universality and of our unity with each other. And so we see how much we need to be healed. How much we really need to be consoled. And how in a certain way these three invocations are like a circuit of Love ‘Lord, come and save me !’ in such a way that at least my heart be open to this brother, to that sister, with whom I really have a hard time. Now, if God’s grace comes and makes of our community and all those who are around us and by concentric circles of the local Church, then the Source flows. How much we need to be situated together in the request of pity to God for u so he really comes and heals us and saves us and this becomes a true desire of ours, this has to come from the Holy Spirit, it can’t be otherwise, a true desire for unity. So we see that if we do create unity where we are we can pray for unity of the Church and we can pray for world unity. But I need ot be consoled so as to move forward. We need to create unity altogether and not leave anyone on the outside, for if there is someone left outside , Jesus will be with that person. For he is always with the poor. We can see this a sign for the re- integration of the poor in the Church and in the world.

We are all a beam of light, like a diamond, and the community needs each one of us, without any exception, and our hearts need to be big enough to welcome each one, and it is indeed a Eucharistic communion. In the same way, in the same mouvement as Jesus honours His Father who saves us, really in the same movement, well in this same movement we are united to Jesus and our brothers and sisters. It is in the same Love, the One Love of the Holy Spirit. So let us ask God to have pity on us, really may He have pity on us, this means we need to give up our arms and this isn’t easy for us, so we need to be consoled , consoled, consoled to gve up oura rms, and consoled ..ask God to have pity on us and to recieve Jesus and the Mystical Body, for the priest, goodness me, it is a huge responsability, because he has power over the Body of Christ for he says ‘This is my Body, this is my Blood’ and by his ministry he has Jesus come. If the priest has power over his Eucharistic Body it is a very great thing, God gave power on his body to the poor sinners we are, the priest. This power, people of priest, prophet and king, is for each one of us, this is why we can put God in failure in our blockages so we ask the Consoler again for help, for we cannot get out of our blocages without His Consolation , it s not possible, and so we ask again that God has pity on us that we are with him as poor sinners and be in a state so as to establish unity in Him as He wishes when He wishes and how He wishes… Yes a place of healing for each one of us, a place of personal healing, because if I don t take this path and if I ask others to take it and this is hypocritical because I don t accept to enter into this mouvement, and having entered into this mouvement all of us need to enter into this mouvement, so that through us Jesus’ grace can overflow. And I think that today we are one of those places where He can indeed bring about marvels. This is in our hands.That is it will depend upon our good will. But each time something within us closes off our hearts to a brother or sister, then each time we need to cry out for healing and consolation and we need to cry out carry the other into God’s pity and also I too am in need of God’s pity,and when we go to the Eucharist, we should dare to say that we have taken down all our barriers. This is why at Eucharistic celebrations there are so many requests for forgiveness, and even at the last moment ‘Lord, I am unworthy, ‘I am unworthy ! ‘but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.’ And the Body,and my body, the Church s body will be healed,

Let us ask God for help for he wants the same union between his own heart and that of Mary’s, it s not too much for us, it s the same mystery she is the prototype of the Church. Let us ask with great humility a compassion towards others and towards myself each time I am hurt by a sister or a brother, each time something obstructs the flow, I immediately ask to be consoled so I don’t become hardened, and in this consolation I ask God to have pity on us, and in the Eucharist that He unites us…this really is our prayer, let us ask Mary to come to our aid. « Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with you, Blessed art thou amongst all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, pray for us now, and at teh hour of our death, Amen. »