The Guardian Angels : 2nd October Les Anges Gardiens : le 2 octobre

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Feast of the Guardian Angels –2nd October

“The disciples came to Jesus and said, ’Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?’ So he called a little child to him whom he set among them. then he said, ’In truth, I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Jesus presents us with a little child in the Gospel, as a model of what we are to become like, so as to reveal to us the depth of our identity. By his Infinite Love, God calls us to become his beloved sons and daughters . in learning to do this, it encourages us to come to discover and understand then to finally come to an understanding of who God is in his greatness, his simplicity and the treasures of the graces in His Being. This leads us to the eternal and infinite greatness of the Kingdom of heaven. The Apostles who have at heart to follow Jesus and his Kingdom seek to see how they can organise themselves for this new service of love as Jesus revealed it.They go off out of their own small experience! They have the experience of the ’great’ of this world to whom they are to confront. Jesus indicates to them a divine order which is very different , indicated by real authority that is Love : he calls to him a small child who is apparently very poor for this combat in the new life, showing him a s an example. Just as a small child is guided by his parents as he grows up, likewise we ought to allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit of God. “Abba” means “Daddy”. Since we are children of the Father, we are his inherit ants and the heritage of Christ, of his suffering, so as to enter into the Glory of the Eternal Kingdom with as to be the children of our Father and to surrender ourselves in his hands in saying, ’Abba!“Saint Paul tells us that when we become a child of God we know why we have come into existence.”“And so the one who makes himself as little as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.And anyone who welcomes one little child like this in my name welcomes me.”

yesterday on the feast day of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, we already drew up a comparison between a small child called by Jesus in the Gospel and his

great spiritual journey. These lights, this hidden and mysterious meaning of the Gospel conquered her in her giant’s walk. Her knowledge of God’s mysteries of the kingdom had her feel that everything comes from God, that everything returns to him and dwells within him, for the salvation of all, in a mystery of merciful love. So Jesus is disconcerted that his disciples don’t understand! In fact the combat to be led is one of love, of fraternal charity. To love, to dwell in fraternal Love to build up the world is a harsh combat which requires of us steadfastness. It is this New Love, brought by Jesus, that makes the transition, the passage to the divine world, that of love. Such is the heart of spiritual childhood; Therese’s childhood spirit made her address this prayer to the Lord : ’O Little Child! My unique treasure, I surrender myself to your divine caprices, the only joy I desire is to make you smile. Impress in me your graces and child like virtues, so that on the day of my birth in heaven, the angels and saints recognise in me your little bride.’ Mary, who lived in her human heart the infinite Love of God, knows how much we need the Holy Spirit. He is given to us for us to dwell in the littleness of a child, in ’spiritual childhood.’ But this Love is a difficult ’Reality’, contested in a world of power and of oppression where children are excluded.

“See that you never despise any of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven are continually in the presence of my Father in Heaven.”

The angels are given to us to assure our journey to heaven. ’Their angel sees continually God’s face.’ Jesus shows us in this way that God Himself is Master of our combat. When we have understood this mystery, how much our God takes care of us, we can look to Him endlessly :This means we have to give him the first place, and let everything in his hands. Like a small child we remain constantly on God’s Heart. The angel, this marvellous mediator aspires our heart towards Heaven for it to dwell in love, and at the same time we are in earth’s realities, but the angel is there like a precious presence, seeing always the face of God. It is in heaven that the combat for life is played out : ’I will be the enemy of your enemies, I will pursue your persecutors, ’ said God, my angel shall walk before you.’ We need to consent to become this small child , always lift up one’s little foot like Therese soas to climb up the stairs of holiness. We can’t even go up the first step but but God only asks of us to have good will. Soon we are overcome by our useless efforts, He will come down Himself and taking us in his arms he will bring us forever into his Kingdom." said Therese whose purity and goodness of heart conquered the Father’s Heart. Jesus’ mother, Mary, who welcomed in her own flesh the Unbelievable

Mystery of God’s Love knows where the Path of her Son lies.Following Jesus whom she wil follow throughout her whole life, she invites us to be at her school so as to live from the very Love of God Love.

We ask for the grace to walk with the angels who accompany us and to be docile to their presence.