The gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Beatitudes.

Jeudi 14 février 2019

Les dons du Saint Esprit et les Béatitudes The gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Beatitudes.

We must n’t forget that the Holy Father has encouraged us to use new technology, so, how can we, when faced with this, enter into an even greater interiority, that is how can we live a life compatible to the Holy Spirit according to the Beatitudes and in such a way that it doesn’t divide us or oppose us , but in such a way that it is just a means to serve even better, even greater… How can we recieve each other in the spirit of the Beatitudes, the gifts of the Holy Spirit ? How can we create unity in our diversity so that the Holy Spirit ‘makes all things new.’ Each and every one of us has this responsability. With this tool of new technology we need to remain genuinely ourselves and become even more human.. A u d i o Holy Spirit at work in our hearts Le Saint Esprit à l’œuvre dans notre cœur.

In God’s Garden there are many different little flowers, lots of different types…we are all complementary, having different attitudes and being at different stages of our personal growth and developpement. In community life, we are all together but all very different to one another. Thus we are in a state of adoration : ‘ Remove your sandals for this place is holy.’ The other person is not a land that has been conquered or is to be conquered, no, the other person is merely another person ! So what is the Holy Spirit doing in me ? In you ? What He is doing in me today is different than what He is doing in you, He takes into account my developpement, where I am today. And so we really need to be attentive to each other. Only the Holy Spirit can help me see what is going on in other people. There is necessarily a third party in relationships, it is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of brothers and sisters who love each other. So I am attentive to others for the Holy Spirit is at work, and I am also attentive to myself knowing that the Holy Spirit is at work. So this has us immediately enter into a spirit of prayer. The Holy Spirit gives us a sense of what is practical. There is nothing more practical than the Holy Spirit. Whether I’m working, sleeping, eating, the Holy Spirit is always at work, ever present, and I need to keep discerning what He is doing and saying. The Art of the Holy Spirit is an Art of Love. He is never ever violent, but always consoling, He is the Consoler. If ever there is agresssivity, violence, tension between us, we need to plunge into the the Source , the Holy Spirit and when each one of us does this out of good will then a communion is established between us for God’s Glory. This is a school of life, and we see here life is a great prayer and when I pray, I bring all this with me ; enriched by everthing, that perhaps I hadn’t been delicate, perhaps I had saddened the Holy Spirit- I can see this by the result with the tensions-the Holy Spirit doesn’t create tensions, He creates community, it is an art of Love, He builds communion. He makes the difference between communication and communion. We can communicate a certain number of things without wanting to enter into a relationship of communion. Or as I am doing now, by speaking to you, we can provoke communion, or dis-union. So, communication is at the service of communion. And so we are called to a permanent conversion in life, in what are the most pratical aspects of life, because I am going to be at work at all times to discern if I am in the movement of the Holy Spirit, in a state of Communion. And anything that is not in this place will necessarily imply a conversion, there is the spirit of the world which is not God’s Spirit. We want to be moved by the Holy Spirit. We have all experienced the need to have immediate pleasures, however perhaps we need to accept to be in a state of anguish being moved by the Holy Spirit because something is happening : so I’ll refrain from saying something nasty to someone in a situations i dont understand, not take ‘a quick fix’ but rather say to Jesus ‘You are my Saviour.’ A call to conversion, to be sensitive to others, to be sensitive to myself in communication to other people, and as soon as I notice that communication has broken down, this means an absence o communion In any , what is needed is to have recourse to the Holy Spirit so as to try to bring about communion once more, whatever the cost. And for this why not use communication until communion is re-established.

We haven’t yet mentioned the ‘me who is curious’ and the ‘me who is speaking’, at times we can see that everything turns around me, saying ‘They don’t like me, they don’t listen to me.’ It’s always ‘me, me me…’ And that is not the Holy Spirit. Or else, I can adopt an attitude if I lose my footing, yet don’t accuse others and try instead to understand what is going on. Now, only the Holy Spirit, counseling from within and enlightens me as to how I can move forward in the school of the Holy Spirit. Now, the Holy Spirit is a Person,a Person who personalises ourselves and one another, he has me become myself and has the other person to become himself. If I am not in a state of prayer and communion, how much suffering there is, but if I really desire to live under the Action of the Holy Spirit , I need to keep listening to the Holy Spirit reminding myself of Jesus ‘ Words, He who gives me this Consolation until we know that the Holy Spirit is in communion with the Father, Mary, the Saints, and He wants to establish communion between us and we need to deliberately refuse all our divisions so as to do God’s Work. Mary was in a state of perfect communion with the Holy Spirit, she kept on growing in the Love of God,communion with the Holy Spirit even if this wasn’t reciprocal for she knew contestations she was there in its midst alongside Jesus she was there, and so in a state of communion and compassion. So let us ask Mary to help us to be really faithful to the Holy Spirit, in a most pratcial way, the closest as possible to matter.. ‘Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.’