Through Mary, letting oneself be formed as a child of God Par Marie, se laisser former enfant de Dieu

Thursday 18 February 2016

Through Mary, letting oneself be formed as a child of God

With Mary we enter into an infinite confidence in God and in His Infinite Love. Mary gave a human face to the Father’s Only Son. She was aware she was the daughter of the Father. In order to become the Mother she needed to live even more deeply of this Invisible Father, he who had her become mother of His Only Son. This is done out of her being aware she was the daughter of Anne and Joachim. The passage to this New Life, to this new Love, is more than disturbing for her, she is completely turned over in the whole of her being.

’Don’t be afraid Mary’.

It truly is a new love that is at work in Mary : the Love with which the Father and the Son love one another, this very Love, is a Divine Person that took hold of Mary, causing her to join the Bosom of the Father from which the Son proceeds eternally.

Before Mary conceived Jesus in her flesh,, she conceived Him in faith. It is the Holy Spirit who has Mary become Mother of God.

’How can this come about?’ Mary says to the angel. He replies : ’The Holy Spirit will come down upon you and the Power of the Most High will cover you with his shadow This is why the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God.’

And so Heaven opened and the earth germinated the Saviour. This Saviour who took on our human nature will from now on be able to join each person who desires it , especially the poor and those who suffer and who are in most need of him.

Entering into the mystery of the Annunciation. The Church fathers like to say how Mary conceived Jesus in faith before conceiving her in the flesh. In Nazareth,, she contemplates and adores in spirit and in truth the mystery of the Love of God which is given to her one which is now lived in her flesh.

Isaiah said : ’Behold, the Virgin will conceive a son’ Was this what she was contemplating when the Angel appeared to her? We like being here with Mary as we meditate this story of Love which was revealed to her one day in Galilee in Nazareth. Even if for her it is a secret of Love, we are given to put it into practice so as to live from it, in our turn. In the most intimate part of our soul this ’piece of Divinity’ is revealed, and it is the reflection of God in all human creatures. The link of Love with God which is Adoration, situates us for ever as

a child of God. As for us Mary is the daughter of ’men’ created in the image and likeness of God.

So as to allow the Holy Spirit and Mary form the Son of the Father in me, I have to contemplate the way by which the Word was made flesh. Mary receives a visit by the angel Gabriel. ’Full of grace’, living from God’s Love and from mankind. She is Joseph’s fiancée, visited as the Father’s daughter: ’The Lord is with you. The Holy Spirit will come down upon you and the Power of the Most High will take you under his shadow.’

God’s Infinite Love burst into the whole being of this daughter of Israel, she is in a state of pure delight, transported to the Bosom of the Father where the incandescent Love of God takes a hold of her. ’Show me your face’ the prophet had already said to God, but here there is even more than this, it is Mary, the Woman, who is going to give a face to God.