Thursday 1st week of Advent jeudi 1er semaine de l’Avent

Whoever hears the Words I am saying to you and puts them into practice is like a sensible man who built his house on rock
Tuesday 10 October 2017

Is.26,1-6 Ps.117 Mt.7,21.24-27

Thursday 1st week of Advent

"It is not by saying ’Lord! Lord:’ that one comes into the Heavenly Kingdom but by doing the Will of my father in Heaven.’ The Word of God invites us to meditate on the distance which there is in the separation there exists between the simple ’listening’ and ’doing.’ God’s will. When it comes to the message and person of Jesus we have understood that we needed to put his Word into practice. Jesus is Love and if I dwell in His Love I shall put his Word into practice. We may have a big heart and nice feelings but this isn’t enough! We may sayy’ Lord, for you I will do nothing you like:’ In fact that is useless if we don’t allow our lives to be transformed by Jesus Love.  We need to accomplish things and listen, for in this way we shall come to build our house on a rock and not on sand. We mustn’t be under illusion as we are accomplishing the Will of the Father. It is our faith which has us n=come to an understanding of the accomplishment of! We need to allow our life to flow in God’s Life, He who is Love. Indeed, if anyone is in need I fly to his help. If In community I am going through hard relationships I shall do all I ca to be a peace maker. When we organize our life in such a way that it is built in Jesus, with Him and for Him then this is what it means to build our house upon the rock. "On that day many will say to me: Lord, Lord, is it not in your Name that we prophesied and in your Name, that we expulsed the demons, and in your name, we did many miracles?“And so, I declare: ’I have never known you. Get away from me, you who have committed evil!”  Jesus I asking us to receive his Words with the utmost importance. They are the Words of eternal Life. Not only do we listen to Jesus and admire and contemplate him, but we also wish to put into practice His Words. Thunder may roar, storms may break out, the Lord remains the rampart and outer wall of our home. If Jesus is the Door then our house has nothing to fear. Jesus proposes for us to go through a big conversion so as to be able to build up our home in Him. To build up our home in Him means to wish for it to be solid and cemented in the Holy Spirit. And in this way Jesus is our life’s guarantee. Joyfully living out his teachings, we are sure of the solidity of our home. Today we start out following Jesus and with much joy begin to have small victories over ourselves: With God’s grace we shall have enough strength to persevere right until the very end. “And so, whoever hears the words I am saying now and if he puts them into practice, he is like a man who built his house upon the rock. Rain fell, cascades of water swallowed it up, winds blew violently on the house; the house remained intact and standing for it was founded on the rock. And whoever hears my words and puts them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house ons and. The rain fell, cascades of water fell down upon it, violent winds blew on it and kept on blowing for it to fall down, the house crumbled down and it was completely destroyed.” Jesus pronounces these words at the end of the Sermon on the Mount; and this gives them a deep meaning. Jesus is the Living Word of God and He teaches us to lay down the solid foundation to build up our life. ’to build one’s house on sand’ is the image to describe the senseless behavior that leads nowhere, . We can spend much time and energy building up something for ourselves and this can lead to our life’s failure. We move forward with Jesus s that when ordeals come with storms, he may be our help.  Jesus leads us along the road of Mercy, on a road of confidence and surrender to his Holy Will. The Holy Spirit is given to us on this path so that we build up our home keeping in view God’s Kingdom. We are joined by God in what makes up the most practical aspects of our daily lives. In Jesus, God came in human flesh to dwell in our life with his Infinite Love. Jesus is the Rock, it is He who builds up the Church. It is Jesus Himself who builds up the community, he is the Living Word of God.

We ask for the grace to listen to God’s Word and to bring about God’s Will.