Thursday of 14th week, ordinary time Jeudi de la 14e semaine

“heal the sick, awaken the dead, purify the lepers, chase the demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”
Tuesday 19 April 2016

Hos.11.1..9 Ps.79 Mt.10 7-15

Thursday 14th week ordinary time, even numbered year “Proclaim that the Kingdom of God is close on your way.’ Don’t gather up gold, nor silver, nor bronze change to put in your money belt, nor any bag for the road, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor stick, for the labourer deserves his food.”

’Freely you have given freely give." We announce Good News of Jesus, whom the Father sent into the world, he who speaks to us about the Kingdom of God. It is Him, Jesus, our Saviour, who alone can regenerate from the inside and who can change the society we live in. It is he who announces that the Kingdom of God progresses in humanity as good advances and evil moves back.

The Mission of Jesus’ disciples is to announce and to give God’s Infinite Love : each one of us is loved, chosen, sent on mission by Jesus. So we need to understand and reclothe the attitude, Jesus’ feelings, those who dwell in his heart. Jesus chose the twelve apostles in an overflowing Love for humanity and for his People. He comes to us in the vulnerability of his heart, of his love. He freely offers his Love, whether he is received or not. Wherever he is received, this Love brings about the truth of love.

“In all towns or villages you go into, see if there is anyone worthy to receive you there and stay with them until it’s time to leave.”

Jesus wants salvation of all men and the salvation of the whole world. The one died because of sin experiments a new life when it finds grace again. It is a great mystery which we experience at our baptism, we are called to the Resurrection!

The Gospel encourages us to have confidence, but this reality is only possible when our life is rooted in the person of Christ. It is through links of love that God expresses his tenderness towards us. When we speak about God, we are attentive to the feelings within us.We want to avoid projections and yet we know that we experience the Word of God from our own experiences. The feeling sin our hearts say something about humanity and about God. The

experience we have concerning rejection, the misunderstanding of those we may love, has us ’touch’ something of God’s Heart.

’He didn’t understand that I came to his aid, that I was leading them with humanity’, said God about those who reject Him. In the mystery of the Incarnation, Jesus puts on our human flesh again, he dwells in the mystery of mankind!

“Going into the house, make your greetings; if the house is worthy, your peace will come back to you; but if it is not worthy your peace will come back to you.”

Jesus always asks us to be messengers of peace. In order to receive the Kingdom of God we need to be in a good inner disposition. We cannot stop announcing the Gospel for we live it and we want others to live it too, we are carriers of peace.

The behaviours we are going to live are given by Jesus, they take us into Love.

We have all been wounded by the refusal of Love, now Jesus has healed us. We know that we are loved by God and we look at Jesus : ’They will look to the One they trans pierced’ says the apostle John.

Jesus ahs loved us until death, we want to do the same thing for each one of us is created in the image and resemblance of God.

Jesus has us enter into God’s tenderness, He is in our midst Freely we accept his Love and we remain in His Love.

We ask for the grace to remain in God’s Love, that we may remain in this Love that divinises us.