Thursday of 17th Week, uneven numbered year Jeudi de la 17e semaine, année impaire

“Jesus said : ’Every scribe who becomes a disciple of the kingdom of Heaven is like a householder who brings out from his storeroom new things as well as old.”
Friday 3 July 2015

Ex.40, 16-21 Ps. 83 Mt. 13,47-53

Thursday of 17th Week, uneven numbered year

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a dragnet that is cast in the sea and brings in a haul of all kinds of fish.When it is full, the fishermen bring it ashore ; then, sitting down, they collect the good ones in baskets and throw away those that are no use.”

The net thrown into the sea and picking up all sorts of fish shows the diversity of men for here we see the greatest of differences .Each one goes to Jesus by his own path and draws from the Scriptures the Word of God that scrutinizes his heart. Man,, created in the image of God and in his resemblance, is the master piece of his whole work, of the whole of Creation. It is as we enter into God’s Kingdom that the resemblance of God Who is Love is brought into light .Thus two loves are encountered : the Love of God that is stronger and our own that is fragile but which is the participation of his own and still comes from Him! The more we advance in life, the more we go back to the source and the more the events of our childhood come up in our consciences. This is when God’s Infinite Mercy, which is a total Gift of Love helps us to be at his service! “We are like clay in the potter’s hand,’; it is He who is the Master of the work of Creation. We are to let things happen and God acts freely because He is Love. God created us freely so we do freely what he expects from us in His Love and with our consent.”This is how it will be at the end of time : the angels will appear and separate the wicked form the upright, to throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and grinding of teeth."

The one who gives himself in prayer and disposes himself to welcome Him by placing himself in God’s Presence, speaks to Him as though to someone who is there and whom he listens to. He is unable to do this if his soul is angry or disturbed, but angels accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage, they are witnesses of our good will and of our weaknesses. God has them separate the bad from

amongst the just and will throw them in the ardent furnace! We enter into our fragility as we come to understand the action of God towards us. In order for his plan of Love come about, if we are in God’s Heart, He asks us to cooperate with his work despite our poverty and fragility. So we enter into confidence, to humbly do what God asks of us. Full of love, we take up our courage once more without any worry, for this day is a day of new beginnings. Thus God’s patience for us is all the stronger. Strengthened by this experience, we are going to do marvelous works with God.

“”Have you understood all this?“They said ’Yes’. Jesus added, ’Well , every scribe who becomes a disciple of the kingdom of Heaven is like a householder who brings out from his storeroom new things as well as old.”

God who acts with an immense love towards us, takes us further so that we take part and co operate in his work of Love. Not only does he take on himself all our failings, but he expects from us a loving response that is always possible. Our freedom grows in this confidence, it will grow provided that we remain in Love. To edify God’s kingdom we are there before this choice : to choose to trust, to be strong and courageous in him who is Love.

We equally ask for the grace that regarding the Word of God, present in the Scriptures, we may manifest great respect. Christ is the Word of God. We ask for the grace to grant us such a great Love for the Body of Christ present in the Eucharist; the Eucharist is our food. God is the Master of our life, by dwelling in His Love we find the freedom to co operate in his work. In this new love, we are freed of ourselves and we can enter into Love.

We ask for the grace to dwell in God’s Love.