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Thursday of 17th week Jeudi de la 17e semaine

“Again, the kingdom of God is like a dragnet that is thrown into the sea and brings in a haul of all kinds of fish.”
Friday 6 May 2016

Jr.18,1-10 Ps.145 Mt.13,47-53

Thursday of 17th Week, even numbered year

“When it is full, the fishermen bring it a shore ; then, sitting down, they collect the good ones in baskets.”

Everything seems to be gathered with the same generosity as the seed of corn being thrown.

At the end of our lives we commend ourseves to the Infinite Mercy of God who is a total Gift of Self. We would have like to do so much for Him, be at his service with courage, however we are ’like clay in the potter’s hands’. It is He who is the Master . We must abandon ourselves into His Hands. God acts freely because He is Love. He creted us freely so as to do freely what He expects of us in His Love.

His masterpiece is the encounter of two loves ; His own which is Strong and ours which is so fragile. Yet, even so, this still comes from Him!

The more we journey in life, so do memories of our life come to the surface, we become aware of our mistakes and limits.

And so we commend evrything to the Merciful Love of God who will regenrate all things.

“This is how every scribe who has become a disciple of the KIngdom of Heaven can be compared to a master in the house who takes from his new treasure the old.”

“They throw away those that are of no use : this is how it will be at the end of time.”

It isn’t up to us to sort things out, what we have to do is to ensure the net can bring in as many fish as possible.

This means we need to take care of our heart so we can be the best witnesses possible of the Gospel in a happy and faithful way.

Ife remains what has been imposed upon us, but the Kingdom is manifested by the manner we are going to respond to the person who is before us and who is suffering.

The action of God’s Love in our fragility will reveal His Infinte Mercy.

Like clay in the potter’s hands, so are we in the Heart of God so as to bring about his Loving Plan. Despite the fact we are poor and fragile, God ask us to co-operate with Him.

We want to grow in confidence so as to humbly do what God wishes.

God who is full of Love, will give us back the courage we need so as to do something wonderful.

’Have you understood all this?’ They said ’yes’. And Jesus said to them ’Well the, every scribe who becomes a disciple of the kingdom of Heavan is like a householder who brings out from his storeroom new things as well as old."

We don’t sort anything out before it is the right time and especially not by ourselves, but we are converted so as to ajust ourselves to the love God gives us.

Christ Jesus Alone saves us.

Let us enter into the confidence Jesus has for us! Let us go with the Holy Spirit! Let us be modeled by the Gospel, by the calls we receive, by the services we do.

God acts out of a huge Love for us. Not only does He take upon Himself all our failings but He expects us to have a possible response of Love. Our freedom is edified in this confidnce and it will grow provided we remain in Love in order to edify God’s Kingdom.

In our hardships we are there before this choice of trusting, taking up strength and courage again.

God is the Master of our lives, in remaining in God’s Love we find the freedom to co operate in his work. It is in this work that we are liberated of ourselves.

We ask for the grace to remain in his infinite Love.