Thursday of 25th week, uneven numbered year jeudi d e la 25e semaine, année impaire

“Herod said : ’Who is this I hear such reports about?’ And he was anxious to see him.”
Friday 11 September 2015

Ag.1,1-8 Ps149 Lk.9,7-9

Thursday of 25th Week, uneven numbered year

“Meanwhile Herod the tetrach ahd heard about all that was going on ; and he was puzzled, because some peopel were saying tha John had risen from the dead.”

Herod is intrigued by Jesus and he had a hard time situating himself, all the more because people saw in the Nazareen a character from the past come to awaken Israel : either Elijah or else one of the prophets. But Herod himself asked himself the question :’ What is he , the one I hear does such things?“Jesus called won us over and for years we’ve tried to seek his face, to grasp the meaning of his meassage and sacrifice.Then one day the unheard of occurs :we were given the chance to encounter Jesus, but it is a Jesus who is contested, unrecognised, pursued, and already condemned by men. It is the sorrowful Jessu who changed the life of those who encounter him. It could be the summit of our frienship with him, in the true silence of adoration ; it could be a discovery of his Gospel and of his Love that we marvel at. Instead of this, we are at the quest of miracles, like Herod, benefits to our measure and for our own service. The Word of God awakens us in our realionship with God. There are indeed many ways to be in relationship with God, with other people and with ourselves. The Holy Spirit enlightens the events that resound in our heart. Herod doesn’t know what to think about what is lived around Jesus whom he is seeking! Could it be John the Baptist whom he had killed, come back to life?”But others said ’ It’s the prophet Elijah who has reappeared!’ And still others : ’It’s an ancient prophet come back to life!"

So Herod tried to see Jesus once more! His desire to see Jesus, because he was inspired first of all by a genuine question about his person and his work,had quickly fallen to just banal curiosity. Herod was frustrated. This is bit like our own ambiguities seeking Jesus and when our desires drop. When we welcome our neighbour we catch a glimpse of God who is Love. We ask also for the grace to see Jesus and to recognise Him. The prophet says :’ You have sowed much but harvested little ; you eat, but you are always hungry. You are clothed, but are always cold! Go into the mountains, go and fetch some wood!’

This time given to us is for building up the civilisation of Love! Build one’s house in peace, is to offer God and recognise the truth, it is to place one’s self at God’s service.

“Herod said : ’John? I beheaded him. so who is this I hear such reports about?” And he was anxious to see him.“Like Herod, ’we seek to see him’ but we have a hard time listening. We don’t welcome him at the level of his passion and sacrifice, his paschal passage and his universal will for salvation ; we don’t commit ourselves with all our strength beside him in the trial that the world of refusal has against him ; and at the very moment Jesus comes to offer to us to join him in his mystery of death for life we make him wait for our personal and fraternal conversion . It si always the time to be converted, to encounter truth. Always time to ’make community’ amongst mankind and and to edify the Church. The house of God is a house of Peace, Light and Love. God is in the company and welcome of the little ones and the poor who were gathered togetehr around John the Baptist. To welcome the Lord Jesus is to shine forth the Divine Presence :”See how they love one another."

We ask for the grace to give thanks for all that God gives us, and for the grace to welcome God in our lives.