Thursday of 2nd week of Advent Jeudi de la 2e semaine de l’Avent

“In truth I tell you of all the women born to women, there has never been anyone greater than John the Baptist.”
Tuesday 17 November 2015

Is.41,13-20 Ps.144 Mt.11,11-15

Thursday of 2nd Week of Advent

“There has never been anyone greater than John the Baptist ; yet the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he.”

The different religious groups get on at each other; yesterday it was the Sadducees, the Pharisees, the Herodian, the Scribes ; today it is the foreign covenants who are formed to lay Christ in a trap, wanting to show him he has done wrong for Christ died because of people who thought they were doing the best thing.

This is where violence lies we need tor recognise it and not to dig down into an impasse rejecting it to the outside.We can want to get God to serve our own utterly human wills and powers. For since the time of John until the present day, the Kingdom of God is undergoing violence. Jesus affirms that Elijah has come back, he indicates him as being John the Baptist. John the Baptist announced the Word and was put into prison. Jesus will say of him : ’ The smallest in the kingdom of God is greater than he is.’ The Prophet, in prison, announces the Pasion of Jesus : ’He must grow and I must diminish.’ It is his conversion, this is Christian conversion, Jesus comes to fundamentally transform terror into a Civilisation of Love. One is unable to ’sew a piece of new cloth onto an old piece of cloth, nor put new wine into old casks!’

“Since John the Baptist came, up to the present time, the kingdom of Heaven has been subjected to violence and the violent are taking it by storm.”

Jesus is the Son of God, he is free concerning power and so he can be born in a state of fragility. Because he is the Son of the all Powerful One and he can give us his very power that is Love. God’s Power comes from Christmas and passes through faith, it changes everything about our way of imagining God. John the Baptist suffered persecution, was condemned to death, was killed. This violence is so present today in so many kingdoms! And we can’t just ignore internal and external violence in religious life itself, where believers are a source of violence. The friends of Jesus, like their Master, must be artisans of Peace : to be with what is the smallest amongst humans, what is the poorest, the weakest, the most humiliated. This is how they work on the world at a

deep level so as to change it, to transform it buy sowing Justice and Peace. It is by littleness and surrender, by humiliation and an infinite confidence in God his Father that Jesus saves the world. It is his Immense Love on the Cross that transforms the world.

“Because it was towards John that all the prophesies of the prophets and of the Laws were leading ; and he, if you will believe me, is the Elijah who was to return. Anyone who has ears should listen!”

We ask for the grace to be clear about our violence. How not to project our ideas about God, our representations about God, taking hold of our place in this way through violence! To recognise God in the miserable child, abandoned at Christmas has us be born into fragility and that changes everything about our way of imagining God!

’Having loved his own in this world, Jesus loves them right to the end! ’

It is through littleness, abandon, and an infinite confidence in the Father that Jesus saves the world. We understand that Jesus, the tiny little child of Mary, has given us again Bread of Life so that we take the same path as He did. The ’worm’ of the Book of Isaiah is the image of the poverty of the prophet, who out of love undermines the pride of man in their underground places so as to build a world of Peace. This requires great faith from us, a faith in such an unbelievable love! To dare to save the world with Jesus, in littleness gentleness and humility. In each one of us, Jesus relives his passion in his Body that is the Church. The only violence that is allowed is one of Love. We must hold out in Love when faced with contradiction, adversity, rejection and when abandoned, and we need to do this until death. This is what saves the world from violence.

We ask for the grace to dwell in Love as the child in the heart of his Beloved Father.