Thursday of 3rd Week Jeudi de la 3e semaine

“Jesus said : Is a lamp brought in to be put under a tub or under the bed?”
Wednesday 4 November 2015 — Latest update Sunday 27 November 2016

He. 10, 19-25 Ps. 23 Mk. 4 21-25

Thursday 3rd week, uneven numbered year “The standard you use will be used for you- and you will receive more besides.” 2 S.7,18-19.24-29 Ps.131 Mk.4,1-25 “He also said to them ’Is a lamp brought in to be put under a tub or under the bed? Surely to be put on the lampstand?” This is the response given by Jesus to his disciples when they ask Him ’why’ He teaches in parables. Jesus makes a distinction between those ’ to whom it is given to understand the mysteries of God’s Kingdom, and those ’to whom it is not given.’ The Revelation of God’s thoughts is given in a dark world in order to enlighten hearts, which, in their own turn, will enlighten others so they may reach the Aim in life. This ’lamp’ is the one alimented by the oil of Unction This ’lamp’ is the revelation that Jesus’ Spirit gives, the one which is revealed to Israel through the prophets. Jesus is the Lamp that dispenses the Light of Life. He reveals the path of God’s Will in favour of mankind, He reveals also the dangers to be avoided. Jesus reserves these explications for the apostles so that they will become true ’lamps’ sent out into the world for all to hear. All lamps are lit by the Spirit of God; they enlighten the way by leading towards Jesus. The Truth is not sent in order to be hidden, but in order to be exposed, lit up and seen from afar! Jesus says of Himself that He is ’the Light of the world.’ He comes and enlightens our darkest nights. Light of the world, Jesus goes down into our darkness and shed s His Light there. These Words enlighten our lives for when we shed light onto a dark place we find out what is hidden there! “For there is nothing hidden, but it must be disclosed, nothing kept secret except to be brought to light. Anyone who has ears for listening should listen!” If Jesus is Incarnate Light in the midst creation, it is for the Kingdom be an intelligent light, one that is holy, doing us good. What has to come about is that everything that was ’hidden’ and ’secret’ in the darkness of the world be brought to light at the given time by God before God created the world. This is why everything we say in darkness will be brought to light. You just need the disciple to be treated like his master, and the servant treated as his lord. This is an encouragement given by Jesus to those who are going to have to put up with inevitable persecution. It will be something Glorious for will be under God’s gaze, giving to each person according to his works. It is addressed to those who hear this message.  One day, every word that has been uttered, every movement and action will be placed before us in the Light of God! It is with the measure of what we have become which will be used for others that God will use for us. We give God the measure to serve us, this is the stature of what we have become. Jesus, Light of the world, gives us the Holy Spirit who brings about a work of Love in us. Everything moves forward for those who love the Light. The Light of Love will enlighten all things. “He also said to them, ’Take notice of what you are hearing. The standard you use will be used for you-and you will receive more besides; anyone who has , will be given more; anyone who has not, will be deprived even of what he has.”  It is God’s voice which is listened to, or else that of the world, or that of demons.  What Jesus and the Holy Spirit teaches is the Good News. ’The way we listen’ is the quality of our ears, and its capacity to transmit Jesus’ Word. The more we drink at the Source for to quench others, the more the Source will give its fortifying Living Waters. May we put this Word into practice with perseverance. This is how God’s Work is brought about, one built upon Jesus’ foundation. Just as at the Annunciation, there will come a day when the mystery of Love will be revealed for all. As for today, may those who understand understand! Jesus who is Light of the world wishes to make of us lights for the world. There will be no longer any places of darkness, the lamp will be placed upon the lamp stand. A very practical lamp which we are well acquainted with!  Jesus is the Light of the world who comes and enlightens our darkness. We ask for the grace to understand this word so that the Light reaches down into the depths of our hearts.


“Surely the lamp is made to be put on a lampstand? For there is nothing hidden, for it must be disclosed, nothing kept secret except to be brought to light. Anyone who has ears for listening should listen!”This parable of the lamp is so that we hear better what enlightens us and to enlighten what is to be heard. Broaching the subject of listening, Jesus takes as an example a lamp that enlightens what we find hard to hear. What I hear seems very clear to me, it is Jesus who enlightens our path of life so that we may strengthen our belonging to Jesus Christ and sustain us in life thanks to Jesus who enlightens the Word of God. This marvelous lamp is still hidden deep down in our hearts, in our conscience; it is the source of warmth and of light, the spirit, sent and depose by Jesus, Light of the world. So this parable encourages us to stay awake.We are the Light of Christ, our being is enlightened by the Infinite Love of God who saves us. Everything that God gives us is to be contemplated upon throughout eternity. So Jesus insists by saying :“Is a lamp made to be put under a tub? For there is nothing hidden, for it must be disclosed.” Already we sing forth and in heaven we shall sing the marvels of God foe ever and ever! But already in this world we are the light of the world, God’s reelection for humanity thanks to the Infinite Love that is given to us.

“And Jesus said again :Anyone who has ears for listening should listen!” “You are the Light of the world. A town on a hill cannot be hidden. When you light a lamp it’s not to be placed under a tub but on its lampstand, so as to shine forth foe everyone in the household to see.” “So don’t be afraid! Nothing is hidden for it must be disclosed, nothing kept secret except ot be brought to light.What I say in the shadow bring it out into the open, what is whispered to you proclaim it out loud.”

This parable comes to us so that we may witness the Word of God, and encourages us to be lampstands for light. God is good, to apprehend him means that we should allow ourselves to be transformed by his infinite Love. He is Love, God is nothing but Goodness and Love. Too often , we take refuge behind our narrow conceptions, behind our defenses, for we have such a hard time just to accept to remain simply in Love! To be simply who we are and to remain free. God’s tenderness is given to us, it comes as far as us if we welcome it, little by little! This Tenderness has to penetrate us and fundamentally change us.

“And Jesus said”Be caracul about how you hear things! The measure you give will be the measure you receive and you shall receive even more For to he who has the more he will receive, even what he has will be taken from him."

By this parable, Jesus encourages us to listen. This means to place the Word of God and the words of Christ in their proper place. Thanks to Jesus, we have the Revelation of the heart of Our Father who is nothing but Love. Jesus, who took flesh of the Virgin Mary, manifested His Love to us. Thus , we have a direct access to God, thanks to Jesus. We can let our lives be progressively transformed by Him and thinks to this Light, this Love which must penetrate all the fibers of our heart. And so our face and our whole life becomes peaceful and we let the Infinite Love of God touch us, enlighten us to transform our life. we move towards God with a sincere heart. There is nothing secret that will be disclosed. If someone has ears to hear may he hear! Take care of what you hear. The measure you give to others will be yours and more will be given to you. He who has will receive.

We ask for the grace to be attentive to God of Love who speaks to us so that His Light reflects upon our faces.