To consent with Mary and renew my life. Avec Marie consentir dans la foi au renouvellement de ma vie

Saturday 20 February 2016

To consent with Mary and renew my life.

At the school of Mary I can let the ’yes’ come forth in me, a consent to Divine Work. I need to remain always with Mary at the Source flowing forth, with Mary who was enlightened at the Annunciation.

The Light given by the Word of God came to her through the Angel and she receives it in faith. This faith is an adhesion to a whole new Love, altogether ’personal’ and personalised. She must respond to a Divine Person : ’The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will cover you with its shadow.’ She consented to a personal God, the God who ’personalises’ us.

The Holy Spirit joins our prayers so we can cry out to the Father ’Abba’ (St. Paul). Mary is taken up by this New Love for her. But it is in the night of faith, in anguish and combat that she will give her ’Yes’ : ’Do not fear, Mary, ’the Angel had said to her.

God is given to her as her whole Wealth, her supreme Love.

I need to remain at the ever-flowing Source with Mary. This overflowing Love of God for her is the Holy Spirit. This Love with which she loves and which comes from God and has her love God with the whole of herself, is enlightened by the Angel’s Words.

This song will echo later on, ’My soul magnifies the Lord, my Spirit exults in God my Saviour…He has looked upon the lowliness of his servant.’ Now enlightened by the Holy Spirit, Mary gives her consent. Her will is enlightened in faith by God Himself. Jesus expresses to us how much this passage brings with it an inner combat when he says about himself : ’Father, not my will, but yours.’

In faith, Mary lets her will be moved by the will of God’s love that is revealed to her as a New Love. In this choice of Love, Mary has complete freedom for this God of Love is still the One who seeks her own her will in a delicate way. She has simply to give her consent. ’Let it be done unto me according to your Will.’ This is how Mary’s will, nourished by the Holy Spirit is given to her, and this joins up with that of the Father who has His own Son come forth into her own flesh. In her the mystery of God made flesh is going to be accomplished. ’And the Word became flesh.’ In faith, Mary lets her will be moved by the Will of the Love of God, she is going to love Jesus with the same Love the Father loves him. Mary ’weaves’ the Son of God in her own flesh.