Tuesday 25th week, uneven mardi 25 e semaine, imapire

“My mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God and pit it into practice.”
Monday 5 August 2019 — Latest update Sunday 17 July 2016

Pr. 21,1-6.10-13 Ps.118 Lk.8,19-21

Tuesday of 25th week

“His mother and his brothers came looking for him, but they could not get to him because of the crowd.”

Jesus teaches us what is needed so as to become a member of his family. We have to listen to God’s Word like sisters and brothers who wish to know God’s will and to accomplish it. Whilst he is teaching, his cousins let Jesus know they are there and they are unable to draw close to him because of the crowd.

Thanks to this request, Jesus has us enter into God’s family. We too must overcome obstacles so as to draw closer to Jesus so as to listen to his Word. ’Jesus’ brothers’ are his earthly family. Jesus answers them ’My mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God and who put it into practice."

This new knowledge is revealed to us from the deep heart which is in us and which is made manifest to us in love.

This mystery of the presence of God who seeks us was already announced by the prophets. This is why it is good to know why we are seeking Jesus. Is it just to obey him when what he asks of us pleases us or is it to place God’s Word in the first place in our lives.

Jesus’ ’brothers’ are those who listen to the Word come from the Father, those who believe in such a great mystery that they are ’beloved children of the Father.

Together they make up brothers and sisters who love one another and bring about the new Community in which the Holy Spirit himself makes unity.

“He was told ’Your mother and brothers are standing outside and want to see you.”

The problem arises when in the name of blood links, those close to us on a natural level, want to interfere with the relationship which links us in a deep

way, this relationship which links us to the One on whom we are dependant for all belong : God.

Our close family is built upon relationships of love. Jesus respects this. But no one linked to us on a horizontal level has the right to have an authority upon what links us to God, to the Heavenly father on the vertical level.

The spiritual links linking us to God and to his family are more important than blood links and the obligations attached to them.

However strong might be the accent in the Word upon the need for affection, consideration, respect and honour owed to one’s own family, they must never interpose between God and ourselves.

Jesus does not offend his mother in any way for she is the first to listen to God’s Word and she brought Jesus, the Word Himself, intot he world. She was the on who perfectly accomplished God’s will at the Annunciation. This is the secret desire Mary has, she the woman who represents humanity, to have humanity enter into the mystery of life, the mystery of Jesus.

“Jesus answered them ’My mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God and who put it into practice.”

esu tells us that the members of his family are those who ’listen to the Word’. In order to listen tot his Word we have to approach it as these being the ones to find it.

The beloved child of the Father has its birth in each one of us at Jesus’ cross which is given so as to have us enter into the ’new birth’ of the Only Son of the Father.

What we contemplate in the person of Jesus we are invited to become this ’children of God.’

The utmost importance we give to God has us listen to his Word and enter into intimate relationship with him in prayer.

This Word we wish to accomplish so as to be members of God’s family. To obey Him means we give up our comfort, our reputation, material goods.

By his Word, Jesus invites us and introduces us into God’s mystery. Thanks to him God comes to our aid in our orphaned humanity, which refusal of God right from the beginning had ’cut’ the filial relationship with the Father.

The invisible God is made visible to our eyes in Jesus. We ’know’ from now on the mystery of God who is Trinity of Love : ’God is Love.

We ask for the grace to be of those who listen to God’s Word, may this Word be alive in us.