Tuesday of 32nd week, odd numbered year Mardi de la 32e semaine, année impaire

“Say ’ We are useless servants ; we have done no more than our duty.”
Thursday 5 November 2015

Sg.2,23-3 ,9 Ps.33 Lk.17,7-10

Tuesday of 32nd Year, odd numbered year

“Which one of you, with a servant ploughing or minding the sheep, would say to him when he returned from the fields,”Come and have your meal at once.“? Woulod he be not more likely to say, ’Get my supper ready ; fasten your belt and wait on me while I eat and drink.”

The most faithful service doesn’t give any title for the service to God. We can only give what we have first of all received; now, all that we receive comes from God, and above all life and with life the power to give, to serve. God likes our service to manifest that he is at the source of all gift, a limitless gift, that is given to us so as to be able to give.Our sevice is also limited to the gift made to us.We can realise God’s generosity and and we reveal that we are at the image and ressemblance of God. Humility is a reality that we don’t quite understand and because of this we don’t know how to out it into practice very well. What prepares us to live out humility is when we have an experience of the Immensity of God’s Love for us. The servants of the Gospel are ready to serve and this is the reality of so many men and women looking for work! The Word given by Jesus makes us go much further. So that our life become more beautiful, completely delivered up to Love,we take the measure of the total gift of self. If we contemplate the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation, she responds to God’s invitation by a total and absolute gift of herself, one which we ourselves can freely bring about if we so desire.

We go on with this parable: “Would he not be more likely to say, ’Get my supper ready ; fasten your belt and wait on me while I eat and drink. You yourself can eat and drink afterwards.” Must he be grateful to the servant for doing what he was told?“There is a privileged place in the gospel where we see that it is God Himself the master of this parable, who, according to the text,’ ’goes from one to another: it is the Wzshing of the feet. When Jesus is wasing the feet of his disciples, it really is God who is on his knees before us.In this gesture, Chrsit reveals himself both as God at the service of mankind, and man at the service of God, by the service of his brothers. Such is the realism of charity : ’The one who says he is erving God and who doesn’t ve his brothers is a liar.” Which fully confirms what Jesus said to his disciples after having washed their feet :’ If your Lord

and Master washes your feet for you, you too ought to wash one anothers’ feet.’ Jesus doesn’t ask us to do anything he hasn’t done himself, Beyond these conditions of hard work,w e =understand that to enter into Jesus’ dynamic, we enter intot he mystery of God’s Infinite Love, love that will have no end, countless Love, of the most total and absolute gift of one’self.

“So with you, when you have done all you have been told to do, say, ’We are useless servants : we have doen no more than our duty.”

What is revealed to us is that it is by us that the Love of God for all mankind passes, and takes on a concrete body.t is through our gestures in our daily lives, however small and modest they may be, that our sisters and brothers can discover just how much they are loved by God. We can be ways, channels, for God’s Love to be given , if we are simple servants, created in the ressemblance of God, irriguated by his endless Love. Those who love truely are ready to give their all and to love within their loved one. God is more intimate to ourselves than we are to ourselves. God’s Love is an Infinite Love! We recognise that we need a great faith to live from this Infinite Love, infinitely loved, infinitely loving. Jesus, sent by the Father, is totally given,he is the one whose life is at the service of each person. This even how he glorifies the Father. In His Passion, Jesus glorifies the Father who, in giving us Hs Unique Son , gives us all He has. What Jesus asks us in the Gospel is for our greatest Happiness. Through us , Jesus continues to give his Life right to the end. To signify this, Jesus takes the Bread and he says : “Take and eat, this is my Body.” He gives Himself completely.

We ask for the grace to enter into this Infinite Love of God in order tobring about what he expects of us in our daily lives.