Wednesday 2nd Week of Advent Mercredi de la 2e semaine de l’Avent

“Come to me, all you who labour are overburdened, and I will give you rest.”
Tuesday 17 November 2015

Is.40, 25-31 Ps.102 Mt.1,28-30

Wednesday of 2nd Week of Advent

“Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

The work Jesus proposes to us is something light and makes us happy : ’The love of God consists in keeping his commandments and his commandments are not something hard.’

If we take on the yoke of Jesus, we receive the instructions from Jesus who is our consolation, our joy and our hope in the midst of our daily struggles. These Words of the Gospel contain the Promise of the relief that comes directly from the Love of God. Our life is to walk perfectly in the Love of Christ. We notice in our heart, an astonishing love which drowses in spite of the misery, anger and weakness that are there.There is something much deeper - we can discover the Love of God who is at the root of our lives. It is a burden that Jesus wants us to carry, it is the obedience to his words. It is a yoke and the master of it is gentle and humble of heart - the yoke of Jesus is that we obey his commandments. Jesus asks us to be submitted to him for our own good, and we obey him by an act of will. To be a disciple of Jesus is not something that is easy, yet in Him, God holds out his hand to us from Heaven in order to draw us to Him. This Love of God has a love appear in us from within, one that is always offered. God becomes close to us and he makes us close to Himself, in harmony with Himself. And so we can peacefully welcome our vulnerability to offer it to Him, for He is our Saviour.

“’I am gentle and humble of heart’ says Jesus, ’ Become my disciples.’”

When we come to Jesus and when we obey his commandments, we start an adventure that lasts for a lifetime. We learn as we place ourselves at the feet of the master, becoming the disciples of Jesus who is gentle and humble of heart. Jesus calms our fears and we find with Him Rest for our souls, in this relationship with the Living God. Our Christian life becomes a flame that is impossible to put out.

Men and women are today under great pressure, the world turns so fast that simple gospel values are kept far away from us and we are crushed beneath a weight of norms, commitments, things to plan. Jesus invites us to walk behind

Him, He is the Saviour and we discover that He suffered death for us, that He is Risen and that He gets us up standing again : ’Come to me!’ By His Love we are given back to ourselves, and are invited to walk behind Him. It is the transformation of our whole life and we want to adjust our steps to those of Jesus. By walking behind Him we come out of our ambiguities and out of our double language.

“For my yoke is easy and my burden light.”

We are tempted to do many things in the Church! Now, we need to take up the yoke of Jesus, Gentle and Humble of heart, listen to his instructions, in this way there is nothing to fear. Let us remain simply concentrated upon Jesus, and upon our relationship with Him, like obedient disciples. Our conception of God is unveiled : how to we feel Him within ourselves, what are the feelings His presence awakens in our lives? When we are tired Jesus offers to us an understanding of Himself and when we want to rest : ’ Come to me you all who are burdened and I shall give you rest." All the consistence of our lives is announced here : ’Those who place their hope in the Lord find new strength ; they take flight like eagles, they run tirelessly, they move forward without getting tired.’

By his Incarnation, by his coming in the flesh, Jesus has us dwell in the desire of the goodness and tenderness that dwells in his Heart. Jesus manifests the tiny-littleness and the Tenderness of God. He announces to us the ’marvel’ we are’ And so it is in a human love that becomes a divine one and sensitive. Moved by the Holy Spirit, may we love our God and may we serve our fellow sisters and brothers!

We ask for the grace to understand that in Jesus our yoke will be easy to bear.