Wednesday 33rd week Mercredi 33e semaine

“Jesus said: ’A man of noble birth went to a distant country to be appointed king and then to return. He summoned ten of his servants and gave them ten pounds.”
Tuesday 20 September 2016

Ap.4,1-11 Ps.150 Lk.19,11-28

Wednesday 33 rd week even numbered year

"While the people were listening to this he went on to tell a parable, because he was near Jerusalem and they thought that the kingdom of God was going to show itself there.

Accordingly he said ’A man of noble birth went to a distant country to be appointed king and then return. He summoned ten of his servants and gave them ten pounds, telling them ’Trade with these until I get back.“But his compatriots detested him and sent a delegation to follow him with this message, ’We do not want this man to be our king.”

Jesus isn’t far off from Jerusalem, where He is going to be crucified. The place where He is going to give his Life so as to give our face back to us. We have been created in God’s image and in his likeness, our life is both human and divine. It needs to grow in this likeness of God such as Jesus proposes to us. In Jesus, the face of God our Father appears in a great light : He is nothing but tenderness and goodness.

We need to place this talent into light. We might be able to think that this Kingdom is already here, now the Kingdom has been given to us walking on the path of the victory of Love.

The Kingdom of God, our encounter with God is coming, we need to work on it, Jesus tells us. The talent, this silver coin on both sides, the first could be a human face, the second that of the divinity at the time.

It is the face of Jesus which has to come our own face! The apostle John will say of Jesus : ’He came to his own, but his own did not receive him.“”Now it happened that on his return, having received hi appointment as king, he sent for those servants to whom he had given the money, to find out what profit each had made by trading. The first came in, ’Sir,’ he said ’your one pound has brought in ten.’ He replied ’Well done, my good servant! Since you have proved yourself trustworthy in a very small thing, you shall have the government of ten cities.’

Then came the second : ’Sir’, he said ’Your one pound has made five’. To this one also he said ’ And you shall be in charge of five cities.’

God reigns in our heart, we work so that he shines with all of our love in our life. This is the meaning of the talents, of this gift, these talents are won in Christ!

In order to multiply our talents they have to be put at the service of other people! Jesus will give his Life in Jerusalem out of Love, to save us and to glorify the Father who loves us.

We want to follow Him and place ourselves at the school of his Passion of Love in our life. Uniting our talents e bring about things that we could never do alone. Together we can do marvellous things. God does not give us all talents so we need others and live in community. We become aware of this wealth and we use our talents so as to be of service to others. And so little by little they progress.

"Next came the other ’Sir ’he said’ here is your pound.I put it away safeley wrapped up in cloth because I was afraid of you ; for you are an exacting man : you gather in what you have not laid out and reap wat you have not sown. He said to hi ’You wicked servant! Out of your own mouth I condemn you. So you knew that I was an exacting man, gathering in what I have not laid out and reaping what I have not sown? Then why did you not put my money in the bank? On my return I could have drawn it out with interest.’

And he said tot hose standing by ’Take the pound from him and give it to the man with ten pounds.’ And they said to him, ’but sir, he has ten pounds.’ I tell you, to everyone who has will be given more ; but anyone who ahs not will be deprives even of what he has.“As for my enemies who did not want me for their king, bring them here and execute them in my presence.”

We need to become aware of talents that are drowsing within us. We ask Jesus to give wisdom and humility so as to use them well and have them multiply.

The Cross of Jesus is the place of humanity’s liberation, God wants to fill our heart with His Love so that he can reign as a Loving King, one who is gentle and humble.

To follow Jesus requires we are in the Movement of the Holy Spirit. Let us believe in Jesus’ Love who gives Life. In loving us until the very end he has our

talents fructify! Jesus’ passion of Love in his death to save us gives us the grace to adapt to one another. Jesus places within in us all we need to live.

We ask for the grace to profit the best we can of God’s infinite Love for us.