Wednesday of 13th week, uneven numbered year Mercredi du 13e semaine, année impaire

’Suddenly the whole city set out to meet Jesus’
Monday 22 June 2015

Gn 21, 3. 8-21 Ps. 33 Mt. 8,28-34

WEDNESDAY of 13th WEEK, uneven numbered year

"When Jesus reached the territory of the Gadarenes on the other side, two demoniacs came towards him out of the tombs -they were so dangerously violent that nobody could use that path. Suddenly they shouted, ’What do you want with us, Son of God? Have you come here to torture us before the time?’

Jesus came to the country where two people were ’enraged’ says the text. It is a place of great dehumanization! These possessed people who barred the road had been placed next to the cemetery, where life is interrupted. They were attached with big chains that could be broken and nobody had anything to do with them. This unbelievable violence is something intolerable. We know that still today these places that can make us shiver exist, these places where huge violence persists.These two possessed men perceive Jesus the Saviour of the world. : ’What do you wan t of us, Son of God?’ They had gone themselves to encounter Jesus, to encounter something new and to encounter another being ,for they knew, through their limited condition, that some meaning did exist; they were waiting for it, knowing that meaning surged forth from suffering, from the self-questioning that suffering can bring : ’Have you come here to torture us before the time?’ Saint Ignatius, in the ’rules of discernment gives a useful clarification when he says : “Look within yourself, at the beginning of your thoughts, at the middle of your thoughts and at the end of your thoughts” so as to reach the end of a good discernment. It is hard to look within oneself when going through a period of disarray.

Now some distance away there was a large hoard of pigs feeding, and the devils pleaded with Jesus, ’If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.’ And he said to them, ’Go then, ’and they came out and made for the pigs ; and at that the whole herd charged down the cliff into the make and perished in the water.’

They are always in our peripheries, these men dangerous for others and who are landed close to a meaningless place, a cemetery. This is the society we want, where we want in a manic way that nothing happens and that things do happen just as we had thought! Jesus gives a Word of Light when faced with violent situations ’ Let nothing in you give power to the devil.’ We follow the school of Jesus, the Lamb of God. In his gentleness and humility, He is stronger. He who is the littlest one and the most vulnerable one is always assisted by the Holy Spirit who is the Strength of God. We know all about how serious certain ruptures in our families and societies can be, leaving some of us in a state of disarray. How many dramas there still are in today’s world that lead to the shadow of despair. So we contemplate God’s intervention. The Holy Spirit, Consoler, is at work. He is the ’Paraclete’, the one who responds to the cry of the little one, of the one who is rejected.

’The herdsmen ran off and made for the city, where they told the whole story, including what had happened to the demoniacs. Suddenly the whole city set out to meet Jesus; and as soon as they saw him they implored him to leave their neighbourhood.“Everything returns to the dreary calm of daily life with the people of this town who nicely pray Jesus so that he makes no waves,just letting them go about their daily life! All meaning is now excluded again. The inhabitants of this place prefer to jealously keep their power, sending Jesus out of their territory. In our daily combats, we don’t know what to do anymore, the more violence there is, the less likely it is that Peace can return. Jesus, the Lamb of God, shows great determination for Peace, going straight to his aim. Being tiny and infinitely poor, He throws off the liar which believes to be stronger. To build up community with Jesus means to confront every hardship and so the Holy Spirit builds it up according to God’s Will. How many sufferings could be avoided if there were more harmony. The most demanding thing is to stop a process of violence.”The enemy of human nature’ is at work. But the Holy Spirit is always there, ready to intervene in our favour. In each one of us there is a combat between the destructive liar that acts, opposing the Holy Spirit who on the contrary gives

harmony. In our life we want to have the experience of the work of love of the Holy Spirit.

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us to understand how much Jesus’ Presence puts an end to ’difficult situations in our lives.’