Wednesday of 16th week Mercredi de la 16 e semaine

’On that day Jesus went out of the house and sat on the lakeside. He brought together around him such great crowds that he got into boat and sat down."
Saturday 30 April 2016

Jr.1,1.4-10 Ps.70 Mt.13,1-9

Wednesday of 16th week, even numbered year

“All of the crowd was on the lake side and he spoke to them in parables for a long time. He said : the sower went out to sow. As he did so, some seeds fell on the path ; the birds came and ate them. Others fell onto stony ground where there wasn’t much earth ; they came up straight away because the earth wasn’t deep; but at sunrise they were burned and dried out because they didn’t have enough roots.”

The sower sows seed into earths of all sorts. Jesus speaks to people on firm ground whereas he is in a boat. He tells us how our various earths receive seeds that are thrown out in to them. Roadsides, stones, thorns, good earth! We might say that we see ourselves in each one of these earths.

The roadsides are those people who aren’t interested in anything other than themselves, they are not touched by the Word.

The stones are those who live on the surface, not in any depth, no roots in them.

The thorns are those who are smothered by the worry of looking as though they are conform to what the world is expecting of them, they are too busy to welcome the Word.

We carry within ourselves a background of rejection!

We find there is not much place in us for God, not for others.We don’t feel recognised and there isn’t any place for us in the world. There might be moments of anger and darkness in our hearts but life is more precious it is a love and it is a reality to welcome. The combat of our life would therefore be to not fall into the traps of the liar and divider.

“Other seeds fell amongst some thorns ; the thorns grew up and smothered them.”

Jesus calls us to discernment in our daily lives. It is by looking at him that we understand much better what is going on in our lives.

When Jesus gives himself up on the Cross, he gives himself as the seed which is sown.

We can be enthusiastic for a time and then, when we are stricken by the Cross, we don’t go right to the end. We became aware that instincts of death, violence and hatred are spread out in our hearts and in the world.

Each one of us needs to be healed of the liar and the divider so as to be born to Divine Life. This Divine Life brings life, a recognition. For it is at the Cross that we have been brought to life. We have become new creatures, in whom a new Love dwells, it is the Holy Spirit who is the treasure and hope of our life.

“Other seeds fell onto good earth : they ended up giving good fruit, a hundred fold, the other sixty fold, the other thirty fold; Whoever has ears, let him hear!”

Christ Jesus is the Word of God thrown onto the earth. Jesus is Himself the Word, God’s Word. He expresses what the Father is and what he wants. Jesus throws handfuls of his Words which propose we look towards the Kingdom of Heaven. The generous gesture of the Sower manifests that God gives life in profusion, He brings it up everywhere.

Jesus sows the Good News of a possible understanding between mankind.

If we listen in thanksgiving the Word bursts forth so as to enlighten our life. And so, to live in community with one another is to accept each other love one self when we don’t believe we are loved.

Our life finds healing in God’s Love sown within us. Jesus’ incarnation is this Divine Seed thrown onto our earth!

Mary, Jesus’ mother, allowed humanity through her Yes to Life to take body in Christ.

We are loved and sent by Jesus into the world as ’this good seed’ spread throughout the whole universe. If we are not welcomed there is no need to be worried! Jesus is so loving that He remains hidden in the silence of our hearts. We are made for God, He is our life and we are his happiness

Following Jesus we are sent to gather up a spray of love.

When we contemplate our Heavenly Father we are surprised by his silence, by his humility.

We ask God for the grace to be renewed in our vocation of being sent out by God into the word, may the invincible Love of God be our shield.