Wednesday of 18th week, even nupmbered year Mercredi de la 18e semaine, année paire

“Woman, your faith is great, may everything happen as you wish!’ And at that very hour, her daughter was healed.”
Wednesday 25 May 2016

Jr.31,12-22 Jr.31 Mt.15,21-28

Wednesday of 18th week even numbered year

"Leaving this place, Jesus withdrew into the region of Tyr and of Sidon.

Here came a woman from Cana, come from that region, and she shouted out ’Have mercy on me, Lord, son of David!’

This Gospel bears witness to the power of intercessory prayer of this woman from Cana, who is praying for her daughter, tormented by a devil.

Jesus has this woman deepen her act of faith. It is the announcement of the Good News of Salvation to the pagans. This woman, who is not a Jew, exclaims ’Have pity upon me, Lord, Son of David!’

In saying ’son of David’ she recognises that Salvation comes from the Jews. She addresses herself to the Messiah of Israel, she who is a pagan, she believes that He is also the Messiah of all mankind.

This woman expresses very well the pain of humanity taken up in suffering! Today this suffering is called drugs, alcohol, so many other manifestations displaying how ill at ease people are and how much a hard time they have to live their life.

These cries come from all over the place, and are still hard to hear and to be put up! They are the cries that provoked the Coming of the Son of man.

Jesus’ work begins by Israel and joins the whole of humanity.

"But Jesus didn’t reply a word. The disciples came up to him to ask him : ’Send her away, for she keeps after us crying out!’ Jesus answered’ I was sent only to the lot sheep of Israel!’ But she bowed before him saying ’Lord, come and help me!’

The disciples are fed up, tired of being pursued by these cries, and Jesus responds favourably to her request. He shows in this way the Mission which they ought to accomplish, they are there to lead all nations, even pagan ones, towards Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t expect us to be perfect so as to welcome our prayers. Jesus uses imperfect servants to spread his message of Peace and Salvation. Intercession therefore begins by the recognition of who God is in His All-Powerful Love.

The woman from Cana makes an act of humility by comparing her attitude to one of a small dog. To believe that God can do all things, without demanding anything as something owed to us, is the key of all intercession.

Jesus likes this woman’s insistence, he tells her his Mission begins with his people, but the way he is going to tell it encourages the woman from Cana to keep on asking.

Still today we need to preserver in our requests to Jesus, Saviour of the world.

"He answered :’It’s not right to take the bread of children and throw it to little dogs’. She answered’ Yes Lord, that’s right, small dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their Master’s tables.’

Jesus answered ’Woman, great is your faith! May everything happen for you as you wish!’ And at that very hour, her daughter was healed.

After having shown his disciples the weight of intercession, Jesus, in a dialogue with this woman from Cana, sheds light upon the inner attitude of an insistent faith. This prayer reveals to us the inner attitude which accompanies intercessory prayer.

On the one hand the woman from Cana recognises the Master in Jesus, the Master of Israel. She professes her faith, Jesus answers her prayer for her daughter is healed.

We see here how Jesus is faithful to the action of the Holy Spirit in all things. We always read in his life and actions this freedom and surprising fidelity in all things.

In justice and love, he accomplishes the will of Love of Our Heavenly Father.

’Have compassion on me, Lord, Son of David!’

As Jesus answers this woman from Cana and her request, he will at the same time situate his action in the Mercy of God and in that of his disciples after Himself.

We ask for the grace to be faithful to the Holy spirit, the Spirit of Jesus so as to accomplish in all things the Will of the Father.

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