Wednesday of 25th Week, uneven numbered year mercredi de la 25e semaine, année impaire

“Jesus sent them to preach the Kingdom of God, and heal the sick.”
Friday 11 September 2015

Esd.9,5-9 Ct. Tb.13 Lk.9, 1-6

Wednesday of 25th Week, uneven numbered year

“Jesus having assembled the Twelve, gave them strength and power over all demons, with power of healing the sick. ’He sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to do healings.”

After having taken with him the twelve he had chosen, the time came for him to send them out as he had been sent out, so that they may proclaim and manifest God’s reign. In Jesus’ way of thinking, his example invites us to go further, and not just stay where we are. He invites us to take people with us to form them,and to send them out so that they become missionaries after him. Jesus had put into place a work of mission and this rested upon one principal : to do his work by practicing his Words and the gestures that come from His Heart. Jesus also calls together the seventy-two. So we are all called by Him :’ he gave them power and authority to dominate all bad spirits and heal the sick : he sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to do his healings.’ It is the mission of every Christian. This power and this authority are the power of God, his very Love. The healing is the action of his victorious love in our lives. We become a source of healing when we form together a community of sisters and brothers who love one another. Each day the Word of God is given to us, to make this mystery come about. Invited by Jesus, we gather together to listen to God’s Word.

“Don’t take anything for the journey, he told them , nor stick, nor bread , nor money and don’t have two tunics. In whatever house you enter, stay there; and it is from there that you will leave. And if people don’t recieve you , leave that town, and shake the dust from your feet, as a witness against again them.”

It’s a call to a life lived out in faith and to be in a state of dependance on God who provides the security and answers everyone’s needs. The one who is sent out must depend upon the ressources of the One who sent him, for all his practical needs. It is a practical way of validating the call from God concerning the one who is sent. God follows us in our projects and it is He Himself who was at the source of them all. There is a huge gap between what God expects of us and what we can deliver. So it isn’t ourselves who are the masters, for dissensions and divisions are still there inside of us. Hatred isn’t very far off, we

need to let ourselves be converted and saved by Christ. God’s mercy will gently be given to us and we shall be able to open up the door of our hearts. So God comes and touches us, healing us of our deep wounds which are still inside of us.

“They left, and they went from village to village, announcing the Good News and operating healings everywhere.”

The Good News that the Twelve is given to proclaim is the expression of the grace of God’s outstretched hand for all those to whom he adresses it. Jesus wants those who benefit from it to be conscious of the consequences of the offer that is made to them at that precise moment, consequences of their life before God. Jesus wants the disciples to manifest their link to Jesus by the healings that were operated ,signs of the Kingdom of God. It is knowing that the Gospel is truth and that those who decide and adhere to it in all knowledge are in the joy of Jesus.It is the passage of Jesus by the cross that saves us. He wants to transform us, to change someting in our life. So sent by Him, we can take the decision to build a new Community : to build in peace the civilation of love. Jesus said :’ Don’t take anything on the road.’God alone wil lbe your light.’ Only God will be your happiness. Your joy will be in him alone.In that place where you find hospitaliy, remain there. Make community! Welcomed, remain in the grace you will be gived . The word of God will be annouced, a living word for it lives in each of our hearts, ’They left, they went from village to village.’

We ask God for the grace to be saved, so that progressivly sun, life, love, joy, peace, shine peace in each one of us and in our midst.