Wednesday of 27th week Mercredi de la 27e semaine

“Lord, teach us how to pray, as John the Baptist taught his disciples.’ Jesus said to them ’When you pray, say ’Father’.”
Tuesday 19 July 2016

Ga.2,1-2 7-14 Ps.116 Lk.11,1-4

Wednesday 27th week, even numbered year

“Now it happened that Jesus was in a certain place praying, and when he had finished, one of his disciples said ’Lord, teach u to pray, as John the Baptist taught his disciples.”

We can understand the desire the disciples had to learn Jesus’ prayer, and of their desire to join Jesus’ Heart.

Jesus unveils the secret of His heart, He came to introduce us into a relationship of Love with his Father. He leads us into his divine filiation so as to make of us the children of the Father.

Jesus lives Love in his prayer and he opens up his disciples to a movement of alterity, he is openness to the Other.

The disciples are impressed by the Presence Jesus has with his Father. They too want to enter into this relationship.

Jesus’ prayer has them be readily available, fully present to themselves and completely present to the Other.

The Heart of Jesus expresses itself for our Salvation, considers our future, takes our whole life into Himself in a fundamental way. Jesus is so aware of our true needs : those of our body and all the needs in our growing life.

So we enter into relationship with His Father He gives the Holy Spirit to us, this mystery of relationship which is a Gift from God.

The prayer of ’Our Father’ is the spiritual attitude of the disciple of Jesus. The Our Father is addressed to Jesus’ Father who came to reveal to us our own mystery.

"Jesus answered his disciples ’When you pray, say ’Our Father, hallowed be your name, may your kingdom come.’

Jesus came to reveal to us God’s mystery. When I say ’Our Father’ I speak in Jesus, his Only Son, to the one who wants to adopt me as his child.

It is is in a filial relationship, a personal one that I turn towards the Father. Jesus is the elder brother of a multitude of brothers. My relationship with him is a fraternal one and I confess that He is the Son of God. The Father is complete openness to the Father, and the Father to the son, and in this they ar Love.

We pray that the Reign of God be established in our world that it may come.

May the Name of the Father be recognised, making us holy in our invocation.

Fully aware of our fragility we remain in Jesus’ life, He who gives us the Holy Spirit, in all situations.

The relationship with the Holy Spirit is in us. He is the One who comes and prays in us and who has us say ’Abba, Father’, and ’Jesus Christ is Lord.’

It is because the Holy Spirit dwells within us that we can speak to the Father and to the Son in all confidence. The holy Spirit is the Person who founds my own human person. It is because the spirit dwells within me that I can speak to the Father and to the Son.

“Give us this day our daily bread. Forgives us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. Lead us not into temptation.”

At each instant we ask to be able to live, this is our daily life. But our daily life is every word that comes out of the Mouth of God.

We wish to remain fully in the relationship with Our Father, in the wake of Jesus His Son. He, made man; is our forgiveness which links us to the father in us, tracing a wonderful path on which we can forgive and help one another on the way.

We live in the combat of faith, in very situation of our lives. We must keep the devil’s temptations away so that the Kingdom of God be revealed.

May we be helped so that we may become what we are, the child of Our Father whom we love.

Every prayer goes up to the Father, in Jesus His Son, in the Holy Spirit. I speak to the Father, as Jesus the Son asks so as to become the child of the Father.

No longer orphans; our Father watches over us. Since we are weak, tehreis temptation and we need to be made stronger by Him.

We wish to remain in His Presence, in the astonishing interiority Jesus hs. In every situation e seek for God’s Kingdom. The whole of our happiness is to be a child of this Father, as the happiness of the invisible Father is to be the Father of Jesus.

We ask Jesus for the grace to enter into his prayer, in contemplation so that he teaches us how to prayer.