Wednesday of 28th week Mercredi de la 28e semaine

’Alas for you, Pharisees, because you like to take the seats of honour in the synagogues and to be greeted respectfully in the market square!"
Saturday 27 August 2016

Ga.5,18-25 Ps.1 Lk.11,42-46

Wednesday of 28th week uneven numbered year

’Alas for you, Pharisees for you pay your tithe of mint and rue and all sorts of garden herbs and neglect justice and the love of God! ’These you should have practised without neglecting the rest!’

Jesus draws the Pharisees’ attention to cultural practices, to justice, and to God’s Love.

We can see what danger we are in if we act merely from what we do without us opening up to the dimension of our being.

The worst reality that can befall upon mankind is If it merely exists in an external attitude, one that is cold and doesn’t evolve at all. These mistakes lead to nothing and are the reason for so much sadness in our hearts. External actions can lead to jealousy, anger, envy, divisions, believing we and all those who think like us are the best, to possessiveness.. We need to drop all these false obligations that hold us back and kill us. If we no longer apply ourselves to answer the demands of an inner life, then we are on the road to falling ill.

The Source of Living Waters flowing from God’s heart, warming us in the most intimate part of our being is what we wish to receive freely. This means leaving room for God dwelling within us so we can become a new being! The Holy Sprit constantly renews within us the gift of God. How many times do we want to give way to sadness. May God’s Peace be our true support! Patience leads to perseverance, perseverance leads to hope and hope leads to charity.

"Alas for you, Pharisees, for you like to take the seats of honour in the synagogues and be to be greeted respectfully in market squares!’

Jesus knows very well what is in man’s heart, he speaks strongly to wake us up and have us change our life. He tells us plainly how what counts is justice, and Love for our sisters and brothers. Jesus can’t bear the fact we want to make use of God’s Word just to get honours by choosing the best places. On the contrary, we ought to place ourselves in humility at the service of God’s Word and of his Kingdom. As Jesus bent down to serve us, we wish to become little before our sisters and brothers.

Jesus reproaches the doctors of the Law to have made ’a thing heavy to bear’ out of religion, and to ask others to do things they themselves wouldn’t do. This is the image of the selfish ’me’, enjoying things, possessive, all this is hard to cope with inside of us, who want the first place!

So we say again that we choose God as the first place in our lives and that we want to live from his Love. If we are not vigilant we can let ourselves be taken away in a wind of lies. Humility has such a vital role in our lives, it really is the most important place. In the Holy Spirit we know that we do not govern our lives! The Holy Spirit alone really has the power to govern our lives in peace.

“Alas for you because you are like the unmarked tomb that people walk on without knowing it!”

The Pharisees are still with us, we give way to hypocrisy, to the lack of sincerity. This leads to dissonance, a fracture between what we believe and our words and actions. The bitterness and sufferings of our life come from the indecision of what we give to God. When without hesitation we give ourselves totally in a self giving to God, then we are happy and in peace.

Life is given most when we commit ourselves fully to Jesus, our Saviour. Jesus saves us by his Passion, death and Resurrection, His love for us is boundless. We wish to respond to his Love, grow in a burning Love which will have us overcome all the incoherence of our Christian life. It is our spiritual person that unifies our life and has us come out of the tombs. The deepest being in us must take up all its place, we want to be situated in God. Our combat is to constantly cut ourselves from all that is not according to God’s loving plan. Thus we often have the experience of a tree planted close to the brook, there are springtime, summers, autumns and winters. They are also the stages of our spiritual life. Our determination lies in our desire to be this tree planted by the side of the brook of hope, faith and love, a triple bursting forth of the Love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to remain in our inner Source that renews us and has us make of our life a fire of joy and love.