Wednesday of 2nd week of easter Mercredi de la 2e semaine de Pâques

“Whoever does the truth comes out into the light so that what he is doing may plainly appear as done in God.”
Wednesday 22 February 2017

Ac.5,17-26 Ps.33 Jn.3,16-21

Wednesday 2nd week of Easter

“For this is how God loved the world : he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life. For God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world but so that through him the world may be saved.”   Jesus brings into the world the Good News of peace and reconciliation, but this announcement is not received, rather, it is despised and rejected. Still today we are in the pain by which the disciples were confronted. It is not something easy to discern between the distinction between light and darkness for this has become very weak in the world, something very badly distinguished. God’ Light has come into the world in the Person of Jesus. The passage of the world below to that of above is done so through a new birth in Jesus Christ. That gives faith in God who comes to take us out of darkness. By night Nicodemus came to find Jesus so as to ask him how to possess eternal life. Jesus listens to him, but time will be needed for Nicodemus to come to an understanding of Jesus who speaks to him of a new birth, so as to be introduced into the world of Love come from above. The works Jesus accomplished are good ones. Jesus pays attention to the little ones, heals the sick, drives demons away. The preaching of Jesus is a message full of hope, a message full of truth which is a demanding one. God, compassionate to humanity’s weakness, is present in the Word. “No one who believes in him will be judged ; but whoever does not believe will be judged already, because that person does not believe in the name of God’s only Son.” It is hard for us to proclaim Christian faith. We are invited to discretion, indeed to silence, for truth has become something taboo. We hear repeated with strength :’There is not truth but truths.’  Only the Power of the Infinite Love of God can bring us liberation. God sent His Only Son into the world not to judge the world but to save it. We who are seeking rest in Jesus’ Good News are there before with a multitude of opinions. With Nicodemus we understand how Jesus makes the link between Heaven and the world below, He frees us by his Passion. We are happy when we recognise in the other person a sincere faith in the Eternal God, and a desire to live seeking the ultimate Truth.   “And indeed, everybody who does wrong hates the light and avoids it, to prevent his actions from being shown up ; but whoever does the truth comes out into the light, so that what he is doing may plainly appear as done in God.” Jesus’ Good News is confirmed by numerous witnesses of Saints who believed in Him. With them we struggle against false witnesses which tarnish Jesus’ Word. Each person must be respected in the choice of his conscience. So they can draw closer to the truth and recognise Jesus as Light of the world. Religious freedom is necessary it makes up the dignity of the human being who seeks God. It is in this freedom that Christian faith is revealed truly, Nicodemus will be at the tomb so as to receive the Body of Jesus at the Cross and to bury it. At Jesus’ Resurrection, he will understand the new birth Jesus was talking about. In welcoming Jesus he enters into infinite confidence love that will have no end. Jesus will from now on always be present for him. We too shall act in truth in desiring the Kingdom with great love which will have us remain in the Light of the Resurrection.  We ask the Holy Spirit for the grace of this Light Jesus came to bring us.