Wednesday of 6th Week of Easter, year ’B’ mercredi de la 6e semaine

Thursday 5 November 2015

Ac. 17,15-22 Ps. 148 Jn. 16, 12-15


’I still have much to say to you, but for the moment you are unable to bear it. When the Holy Spirit of Truth will come, he will lead you to the whole truth.In fact, whatever he will say will not come from himself, but what he will have heard he will say it ; and what is to come about, he will tell of it."

God alone can speak of God. Only He alone can set his seal on our human hearts. As he reveals himself, we are taken up in the reality of just how marvelous he is ,and the Holy Spirit leads us to say : ’God is Love.’ It is hard for the apostles to enter into the Passion of Jesus, He who bore our misery. Jesus is the One who came into our darkness. It is even harder for us to enter into his Resurrection, for we live outside of ourselves and can’t find Him within us. ’I still have much to say to you ’says Jesus,’ but you won’t be able to bear it!’ Jesus who was crucified, who went down into the depths of our hells, raises us up so we are standing ! If we deepen this mystery that saves us we enter into faith and hope that has our charity increase even more. And so within ourselves Jesus is risen and we can shine forth with a regenerated life. Jesus’ Resurrection prepares us for Pentecost. Let us ask for the Holy Spirit to come. ’When the Holy Spirit will come he will lead us to the whole Truth, for he

will not speak of his own accord but he will say what what he will hear and will announce what is to come about.’

“He will glorify me, since all he reveals to you will be taken from what is mine.”

These things God his from the wise and intelligent, he has revealed to the little ones. The little ones and real poor people know how to speak of Jesus’ Mystery; they know how to speak about God with the words of God; they are in God’s plan.

In God’s plan, the mystery is there for us to get moving ahead. When we are afraid of the mystery, and in the end afraid of God, this is what prevents us from entering boldly into ’the depths of God’ .God does not want anything of this fear :’You have not received a spirit of servitude, to fall back into fear. You have received a spirit of adoption that makes you cry out ’Abba, Father!’(Rm. 8,1) Created in the image and in the resemblance of God, we are the temple of God, His shining Glory. It is the ’divinization’ of humanity that Jesus wishes to bring about. Jesus, Son of Mary, accomplishes this inner edification.He says, ’He , the Holy Spirit, will glorify me because he will take what is mine to announce it.’ The Holy Spirit is at work to edify the inner man and have us discover what we are, ’the child of God’. Jesus tells us again ’All that the Father has is mine; that is why I said that he will take what is mine to announce it to you.Yet a little while and you shall see me no more; then in a little while

you shall see me.’ In the Eucharist Jesus gives us hi Body and Blood, edifying his mystical Body, a new humanity.

’All that the Father has is mine; this is why I say to you : the Spirit receives what comes from me to make you know Him’. How beautiful Jesus’ tenacity is to behold! God’s Word leads us to an ’inner life’. Jesus sends us out to announce this Good News to the world! Through faith and hope, we meditate upon the Word in our inner life and in charity we are built up in Jesus’ Body.THis happens thanks to the Holy Spirit who builds us up in a divine way so as to announce Jesus.Out of one Man, God has made all peoples. This fact is the most marvelous reality in the whole of the universe. God’s glory shines in the heart and eyes of each one . ’He made them so as to seek God, so that they may enter into contact with him and find him in truth. ’God is not far from us, indeed, He is within us.It is from the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus that a whole new creation is re born. God is a God who dwells deep within us.

God knows quite well that his mystery of unity is beyond us and we can never take a hold of it; but this servitude disappears as soon as we accept to live as his sons : ’The Holy Spirit Himself joins himself to us so as to confirm that we are children of God.’ The Spirit co- witnesses that we are children of God.

It is in this filial experience , whether we feel it or not, that we need to be established. The Holy Spirit will lead us gradually in

to the whole Truth. What our job is , is to live in he name of Jesus each day, with our devotions, times of solitude, times of joy, keeping our heart open to God’ mystery that is greater than all things. God’s Word invite us to an inner life, through faith and hope we take the Gospel into our hearts and in love and the Holy Spirit we construct ourselves in Jesus. For we need to be built up in divine ways in order to announce the Jesus. God’s glory shines forth in everyone’s’ eyes and from their heart. It is a marvellous thing in the universe to see it being peopled by humanity. ’He made them so they seek God with whom they enter into contact and find the truth in Him.’ God is not far from us, he is within us. Jesus sends us out to announce the Good News to the world. It is from the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus that a new Creation comes about. Jesus gives birth to a new Creation. God is the God within ourselves dwelling within us.

Let us ask the Holy spirit for the grace of a faith lived out from our inner being.