Wednesday of the 15th Week, uneven numbered year Mercredi de la 15e semaine, année impaire

“I bless you, Father, for what you have revealed to the wise and learned you have revealed to the little ones.”
Monday 29 June 2015

Ex.3, 1-6.9-12 Ps. 102 Mt.11, 25-27

WEDNESDAY of 15th Week, Ordinary Time “At that time Jesus exclaimed” I bless you, Father, Lord of Heaven and of Earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.“Jesus reveals to us some traits of God’s mystery :”Lord of heaven and earth“. God can only be known because He reveals himself and in His way of revealing himself He continues to remain hidden. And so God always appears other than we could think him to be like, He is different to what we discover .Yes He is the Lord of Heaven and earth, he manifests his wealth, his prodigality, his generosity, wealth of his heart. But this doesn’t say everything about the expression of his being , he also goes beyond these riches, beyond this beauty that spreads far and wide.And so we should accept to change then our angle of our approach for he is not the one whom we can come to know through his creation, he is the one who lets himself be encountered. But to make an encounter require a poor heart, a heart of a tiny little one. Mary is the beloved little child of the Father, through Jesus she entered into the mystery of filiation of God’s children! She became the mother of Jesus the Saviour who went through great struggles faced with those who didn’t want to recognize him. He is the Happiness of being the Beloved Son of the Eternal Father, He is His Revelation and it is his greatest joy. Son of the Father, Jesus receives everything from Him, He is total receptivity of the Father’s mystery.This contemplation of Jesus for His Father is given to those who believe Him, his mother and his brothers, those who listen to the Word of God and who keep it.”Yes, Father, for it was what was pleasing for you to do in your Goodness.“Jesus says ’In his Goodness’; The Goodness of God is thus manifested, it is not a banal kindness, not at all :it is a gentle strength, like all real strength that leads each of his creatures free to develop himself, to grow and go towards him. And the one who is called to grow the most is the one who is the smallest quite simply because of his very smallness. It is up to each one of us to find the way to link ourselves again to our littleness, to humility, and to know how to receive out of gift and not personal acquisition; to know how to be filled by another.This very movement is allowed through God’s Goodness which guides each one on the path of true growth. Jesus, the Son of the Father, realizes it perfectly and He gives full thanks to God His Father. He proclaims the praise of the Father. This comes about in the contemplation of Jesus that comes about in the heart of the one who welcomes him. Humanity entered into this link of Love of the Father and the Son! There is between the Eternal Son and this Eternal Father an unfathomable mystery, the mystery of the greatest love. It is God’s mystery :”God is Love’. In an overflowing love, Jesus has us enter into his mystery of the Son of God.

“Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father; and no-one knows the Son except the Father, just as no-one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.”

A new dimension is given to us by Jesus, he doesn’t do it by himself, he gives himself over to the other, letting the other exist to this extent. That the Father does this with his Son, who tells us that everything has been commended to him by the Father, and he opens up a new universe of relationships for sisters and brothers in Christ. They can truly be themselves in this context.God who knows how to withdraw so that He come to be, reveals himself as someone we can love perfectly, since he loves us with such delicacy. Before being his mother , Mary is her son’s daughter! Entered into divine filiation, and its mystery, she enters into a mysterious knowledge of the Son and the Father. Is she not the only mother who chose her son before carrying him in her womb? At the Annunciation she receives the Eternal Word of the Father and conceives him as her son. The only ’child’ who has chosen his mother is the Eternal Son of the Father. We didn’t choose our mother but we can choose her after our birth. ’Father, I bless you, I proclaim your praise!’ Thanks to Mary the first one on the path of Salvation, we have an access to this mystery just as tiny little ones. Thanks to the divine maternity of Mary we have become ’children of God’ The joy of being the Son of the Father is from now on our joy, that of being a ’child’ of this Father.

We give thanks to God and remain in the blessing and praise of God our Father