2nd Sunday OT, year ’C’ 2e dimanche du TO, année ’C’

"Woman, what do you want from me? My hour has not yet come.’
Tuesday 17 March 2015 — Latest update Saturday 5 December 2015

2nd Sunday of OT, year ’C’

“On the third day there was a wedding feast at Cana. The mother of Jesus was there.Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding feast.And they ran out of wine, since all the wine provided for the feast had all been used. The mother of Jesus said to him,’ They have no wine.’ Jesus said ’Woman, what do you want from me? My hour has not yet come.’”

This is a new beginning and how precious is Mary’s presence here as Jesus performs his first public miracle at a wedding feast in Cana. She establishes the relationship between the situation and her son, puts the servants to work, then disappears, contemplating Jesus who starts to ’save’ his people : ’They have no wine.’

Mary notices that a problem arises and she understands that it is an opportunity for Jesus to enter into his public life by accomplishing a sign. She simply says what is. Then she withdraws. There is no other word about her, the action gets off to a start, she has nothing else to do, apart from being there to contemplate what is happening, to let herself be touched by what arises, to receive the glory that is made known.

In humanity there is a lack of life, light and love. There are shades of darkness in our divided and hardened heart. Jesus came into our humanity to save it. As at the Annunciation, Mary hands herself over to the overabundant, Infinite Love of God. She is introduced into the relationship of Jesus with our wounded humanity. Mary bears within her the remedy for it!

"His mother said to the servants ’Do whatever he tells you.’ There were six stone water jars standing there, meant for the ablutions that are customary among the Jews : each could hold twenty or thirty gallons. Jesus said to the servants ’Fill the jars with water’ and they filled them to the brim. Then he said to them ’Draw some out now and take it to the president of the feast. ’They did this.

Mary’s contribution is so strong that she practically forces the hand of Jesus , so that he calls the servants. In this way she contributes to Jesus’ action.This mystery of Mary gives us authorisation in all situations of aid, all modalities of assistance that we may come across. Jesus announces what goes beyond the

Infinite Love of the Father, overabundance : ’Fill the jars with water!’ he says. Mary brings forward the time of the wedding feast, her ardent desire brings forward the time when Jesus will save us on the Cross : ’Woman, my hour has not yet come.’ What is there between you and me?’

Jesus will transform the water into wine.It is the announcement of another transformation, the one of wine into his Blood! Mary’s presence is one of interiority, delicacy and attention. The lack appears ’They have no wine.’ Mary said to Jesus. they no longer have this joy which God wants for them :’For Yahve will find his delight in you, and your country will be wedded’ Mary shows us the way of Love of the Heart of God : ’You shall be called ’My Delight is in her’ and your country ’The Wedded’“”Like a young man marrying a virgin, your rebuilder will wed you, and as the bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so will your God rejoice in you.“”When the president of the feast tasted the water, it had in fact turned into wine. Having no idea where it came from-though the servants who had drawn the water knew- he called the bridegroom and said, ’Everyone serves good wine first and the worse wine when the guest are well wined, but you have kept the best wine till now. ’This was the first of Jesus’ signs : it was at Cana in Galilee. He revealed his glory and his disciples believed in Him."

The right attitude in our lives is more in the flexibility and mobility that gives full possibilities to the action of the Holy Spirit to initiate, correct, adjust. We want to refer always to the Word of God as did Mary throughout her life. Jesus wants overabundance for us! Mary knows how to give thanks to God with Jesus who shares the human condition. The Father gave Mary as a mother to Jesus, true God and true Man. Jesus understand humanity, he is generous in the gift of Himself. He will give joy to the world by the sacrifice of his life when he offers it to the Father. This is where reality of Love takes place. The infinite Love of God bursts forth in the Gospel. Jesus shows just how much God wants our joy and happiness. He loves the Father in an unconditional way when he saves us. ’The world must know I love the Father.’

We ask for the grace to follow Jesus with a generous heart, overflowing with Love.