Tuesday of 1st Week Mardi de la 1e semaine année impaire

“Jesus went into the Synagogue and began to teach.And his teaching made a deep impression on them because, unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority.”
Tuesday 17 March 2015 — Latest update Sunday 1 November 2015

He.6,10-20 Ps.110 Mk.1,21-28

Tuesday of 1st Week, T.O. uneven numbered year

“And at once on the Sabbath he went into Capernaum into the synagogue and began to teach. And his teaching made a deep impression on them because unlike the scribes he taught them with authority. And at once in their synagogue there was a man with an unclean spirit and he shouted ’What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are : the Holy One of God.’ But Jesus rebuked it, saying, ’Be quiet! Come out of him!’The people were so astonished that they started asking one another what it all meant.”

The Liar reduced humanity to a state of slavery! To such an extent as we see in this Gospel, man has lost his true identity. ’What do you want of us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know very well who you are : the Holy One, the Holy One of God.“We might ask ourselves who is speaking through this man’s mouth?It is, the Liar, the deceitful one! ’The Word of God is alive and efficient, more incisive than a double-edged sword’ (He4,1-2) All the greatness, strength and wisdom of the Word of God is shown by the Apostle to those who are seeking Christ, the Word, power and wisdom of God(1Co.1,24)..When this Word is proclaimed, the voice that pronounces it gives to a word that is outwardly audible the power of his Word that is inwardly perceived , said Baudouin de Ford. ’Following Jesus, we are called not to judge too quickly, but rather to take time to see, realise where the word spoken to us comes from and that thanks to what we are going through we can advance with our capacities, which we freely make use of. What is man that you think of him, the son of man that you think about? You have made him scarecly less than a god! says the psalm.”And the unclean spirit threw the man into convulsions and with a loud cry went out of him. .The people were so astonished that they started asking one another what it all meant, saying, ’Here is a teaching that is new, and with authority behind it : he gives orders even to unclean spirits and they obey him.“Jesus has us discover how he comes to remedy our human situation that is so painful. The forces of opposition want to free this man from torment, but the Truth has absolutely no need of the Liar. Saint Jeremy said : ’I don’t need the recognition of the one I send away. Be quiet! May my glory burst forth in your silence. I don’t want your voice to be my praise, but your torments; for your is my triumph… Silence!and come out of that man!’ He seems to be saying : ’Get out of my home! What are you doing under my roof? I desire to come in ; so , be quiet! and come out of that man - of man , this being gifted with reason. Leave this abode prepared for me in mind. The Lord desires his home, get out of th man!’ This is how, under Jesus’ loving gaze, we discern our beauty, in the very gaze of God. The bad spirit is making noises, is worried, but the action of the Lord Jesus consists in giving the person back to him or herself, so as to give him back the power to act out of their own freedom. Jesus saves us in our own human condition and the healed freedom is capable of being offered so as to have access to the recognition of Jesus the Saviour.”And his reputation at once spread everywhere, through all the surrounding Galilean countryside."

Who has any authority in the inextricable conflicts humans are debating over? What are the ’fresh’ idols that are speaking, preventing humanity to be itself, and to ensure its responsability? New forms of servitude don’t just resist us but they speak in our place, and they put up a strong resistance to our freedom. What we want to look at is the action of Our Saviour. ’Silence! Go out of this man!’ says Jesus. Jesus speaks with an authority which strikes those around him. ’Taken up by fear, they all asked themselves…he taught as a man endowed with authority…’ So the Word is efficient, and more penetrating than a double –edged sword, when it is receieved with faith and love. In fact, what would be impossible for the one who believes? And what would be difficult for the one who loves? The Word of the Saviouir of the world is always at work. The way oppression and hatred are made manifest have changed, but the expression of them and the violence are still rampant today. We ask Jesus to come to our aid, in order to re-establish the image of God in us. We want to consider this liturgical Ordinary Time that is offered to us so as to move ahead in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus in the whole of humanity.

We ask for the grace of praise before God’s saving action.