Thursday of 2nd Week , uneven Jeudi de la 2e semaine, impaire

“Jesus withrew with his disciples to the lakeside, and great crowds from Galilee followed him.”
Tuesday 17 March 2015 — Latest update Monday 2 November 2015

He 7, 25 à 8,6 Ps. 39 Marc 3, 7-12

THURSDAY of the 2nd WEEK, uneven

Week 2 Thurdsay of the 2nd week,uneven year

“And he asked his disciples to have a boat ready for him because of the crowd, to keep him from being crushed.From Judaea, and from Jerusalem, and from Idumaea and Transjordan, and the region of Tyr and Sidon, great numbers who had heard what he was doing came to him.” Faced with the growing hostility of the pharisees, Jesus withdraws to the shores of the lake of Galilee, a huge crowd goes with him, made up not only of people from Judaea and from Jerusalem but of pagans come running there there from the surrounding nations of Idumaea, Transjordan, Tyr, Sidon. They have not all come to hear Jesus’ teachings full of authoruty, but they “rush”to find a Saviour. There is a likelihood of a stampede. So Jesus needs to have boat at hand so as not to be crushed by this excited crowd that could get out of hand. Jesus came to us out of an immense Love for humanity and it is with an immense love that he announces to us the Love of his Beloved Father. This Love is Good News for everyone! People can recognize the Good Shepherd. This Good News is not appreciated by the Enemy nor by human nature. The “Adversary”, making his way into the crowd, would like to thwart God’s loving plan. This “Adversary” is truely the Ennemy of human nature. Recognizing Jesus, he is provocative and has a great pride : “And the unclean spirits, whenever they saw him, would fall down before him and shout”You are the Only Son of God!“”For he had cured so many that all who were afflicted in any way were crowding forward to touch him.“Amidst this succes that was so encouraging for the Mission of Jesus, the heads of religion plot with the herodiens about how they could”make him perish“. This Rabbi claims to be”Master of the Sabbath“and he assumes the power to forgive sins. And if that was not sufficient, evil spirits come and bow befor him crying out :”You are the Son of God!" The Evil One acts through violence and lies, whereas the Kingdom of God is Light and Love.. this is the reason why Jesus enjoins them strongly not to have him known. The Word of Truth is clarity without any ambiguity. Right from the beginning, the devil introduced confusion into the woman’s heart. So the chaff was mixed with the good wheat of the Word of God! By welcoming Jesus, Mary brought us out of this confusion of good and evil. Life itself was manifested in the flesh, the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. The Heart of God, the Heart of His Son Jesus, bore the Reality of Divine Love.Jesus’Heart was wounded out of Love for humanity. On the Cross He healed our hearts thanks to this Divine Reality of His Love poured out for all. What was invisible now becomes that a

reality that could only be seen by the heart becomes equally visible to the eye. We were capable of seeing flesh, but not able to see the Word. The Word was made flesh so that we could “see” the Word and through this act of Faith, we are healed. Now, wihthout any ambivalence, our yes to God can join the Word of Mary which is a yes to Jesus.

“And the unclean spirits whenever they saw him,would fall down before him and shout :’You are the Son of God!’ But he warned them strongly not to make him known.”

Jesus is well aware of the fickleness of the crowd and also of the hatred born towards him by the heads of religion. He prepares the future by organizing his group of disciples, teaching the crowds, performing miracles, in an attempt to open up the eyes of the world concerning what is really at stake in his mission. We become aware of how Jeus suufers, not only during the dark hours of his Passion, but also during the whole of his public ministry. Everything he does is often in a confrontation with hostile reactions, contempt, misunderstanding and indifference. And yet Jesus has pity for this crowd and seeks to heal those gathered around him. He leans towards each one with such great Tenderness and establishes a loving communion and trust in God . The Liar, the Ennemy of human nature, at the origin of human misery, cannot stand Jesus’ actions. We meet the Word of God who becomes flesh in the womb of Our Blessed Lady and who has established His dwelling place amongst us.

We give thanks to God for all the marvels He operates within us.