saturday of 19t week samedi de la 19e semaine

’Jesus said’ Let the little children come to me, don’t stop them from coming to me’
Tuesday 31 May 2016

Ez. 18,1-10 Ps.50 Mt.19,13-15

Saturday of 19th week even numbered year

"So they brought children to Him for Him to lay his hands upon them. But the disciples scolded them.’

The parents who presented their little children to Jesus so he lay his hands on them, are not only in tradition but they also know something about Jesus’ message.

Jesus manifests an unlimited confidence in his Heavenly Father, it is good what these parents feel when they look at their children, the wonder and confident questioning of their little ones!

So we understand how these people who bring their children to Jesus, who pray with them, are in a great truth, one which Jesus will announce : to find once more a simplicity and an ardour that we have lost and to enter into an even greater confidence, one which we find once more in the heart of these little ones who look to Jesus, the darling and cherished child of the Father.

This scene is a brief one yet nonetheless an intense one, an encounter in truth, one that is going to cross through misunderstandings, which will produce its fruit, which will open up in faith to all people.

’Imposing one’s hands’ is a gesture that is a fundamental one of blessing.

It is a gesture transmitted by the Jewish people since the time of Abraham, a gesture that parents expect when they present their children to Jesus, a gesture which will occur at the end of this encounter.

"Jesus said to them ’Let the children come to me, don’t stop them, for the Kingdom of God is for those who are like them.’

The disciples haven’t yet understood the Infinite Tenderness dwelling in Jesus’ heart. To come to Him is a matter for adults, it is what the disciples do to get out of worldly torpor and failure! But the ones who rise up to the level of the horizon of the new covenant are the little ones, fresh minds are renewed by it.

The disciples can’t match this evangelical littleness and the mystery of childhood.They would need to learn from the children themselves. The grace of parents is to teach their children to let go, surrender. It is good to go towards the Kingdom of Heaven, by offering oneself simply to another person’s action, by receiving what is given thanks to them.

This is the attitude of life for each human being. Here we come to the a ttitude of our childhood, we enter into gratitude, by the simple fact of receiving what the Other wishes to give. We enter into an exchange through the welcome and the offering up of ourselves. What we receive, we can give in turn, and what we give back can be received once more and once more offered up.

“Jesus laid his hands upon them, and then went on his way.”

And so new life is engendered, new relationships belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is quite clear with his disciples who didn’t understand the message of Love Jesus came to bring. This mystery will not be taken away from the parents wo are comforted. This is how Jesus delivers the secret of his Heart, He who is the Word of God. He came to give us the Kingdom, the Infinite Love of God for us. We need to welcome Him as a child would.

We ask the Holy Spirit to have an absolute confidence in God our Father who loves us, to count on Him for everything, He who is in Heaven. We come into God’s kingdom in this spontaneous movement of surrender. We discover how the gift of Jesus is always a call to our freedom, to our commitment. Jesus who works with us needs our participation and the work of our own faith. He starts from here at this point so as to have us to be able to act too, so we can enter into dialogue with little ones.

We ask for the grace of this evangelical tiny littleness.