16th Sunday OT year ’C’ 16e dimanche TO année ’C’

“As they were travelling along, Jesu went intoa village and a woman named Martha welcomed him.”
Monday 25 April 2016

G.18,1-10a Ps.14 Col.1,24-28 Lk.10,38-42

Sunday 16th week OT year ’C’

"Her sister, called Mary,was at the feet of the Lord listening to his words.

Martha and Mary are two faces that are well known to us. Martha knows how to be efficient, do useful things whereas Mary knows how to take time to listen to Jesus, the Word of God.

Mary sits at Jesus’ feet, at the feet of the Living Word at the feet of the One who is the Light of the world, she remains there, listening to the Word of Love.

This is an attitude of opening up to the fathomless mystery that God is.

Jesus will say of her that she has chosen the best part and that it will not be taken away from her.

Our Chrsitian vocation is to let oursleves be formed and become more and more identified with Jesus’ mystery .

We are in the Church and following Jesua nd Mary Jesus’ mother betrothed by God, the Beloved.

Prayer is a work, a work where we learn how to love.

In order to endure in prayer and enter into a deep relationship with Jesus we approach this time as a place where we give and recieve a hundredfold.

We learn how to be renewed in a loving attention that loses itself in silence. With Jesus we participat through prayer in the movement of life with the Father in the gift and welcome of the Holy Spirit. It is a school of poverty and of humility, the best school for an evangelical and fraternal life.

The Church of Love is configurated to her Lord. Mary, Jesus’ mother, let herself be conformed by Him, she let herself be espoused by the God of her Love.

"Mary was fussing about all the things that had to be done and said : ’Lord, you don’t care that my sister is leaving me to do all these things? Tell her to help me.’

Martha is completely taken up by the multiple tasks of service, she is agitated and worried and ends up compalining about her sister.

Forgetting why she is serving, for the Love of Jesus, Martha is more agitated than efficient and she complains, with this she loses the judgement of those around her and discord settles in amongst those who should be united.

Taken up by her tasks, her gaze is limited to what is to be done and she forgets why she is serving and for whom she is serving.

With Martha her welcome is distrubed by her worrying.

Now, the value of our actions is due to the ’why’, to the ’for whom’ to the motive of our actions.If we just see the material aspect of our works we lose the meaning of their finality. In losing the sense of service she also loses inner peace and joy. Between being agitated and complaining or else listening peacefully to the Word of God, the best part is easy to discern. If our services and work do not find a positive meaning in love, they become a slavery from which we need to free ourselves . Our work, our services take their place and meaning in the perfection of charity.

“The Lord answered Martha ’Martha, you worry and are agitated for so many things. Only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the best part and it won’t be taken away from her.”

In every life one thing alone is necessary,as Jesus makes clear. Mary knows how to put into place this only thing that is necessary and Jesus praises her for it.

Every life tries to be an expression of God’s Love, He who is fulness of Love. We know how prayer and action are not opposed if one or the other is lived out in a mediocre way. They are lived out as a putting into effect the apprentisage of charity, they both become a unique and unified way to belong to God and to be in the world.

In Faith, the charitable work takes on all its weight and value when it is not just simply the work of human will, but a collabotaion of our freedom with God’s work. Each of our actions find their value ane deepest meaning when they are in Love, theiir source and their accomplishment.

Jesus tels us : ’I am the vine, you are the branches : whoever remains in me will bear much fruit, for without me you can do nothing.’

True Chrsitian action is an intimate union with Jesus and this cannot be opposed to prayer. It is a new conformity to the face of Christ taking a body in us, taking shape in God’s Church.

He asks us to shine forth Christ Jesus in our lives.

We ask for the grace to accomplish the Will of God.

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