27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year’B’ 27e dimanche du Temps Ordinaire, année’B’

“Jesus was indignant and said to them, ’Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”
Tuesday 15 September 2015

Gn. 2, 18-24 Ps. 127 He. 2, 9-11 Mk.10,2-16

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, year ’B’

"Some Pharisees approached Jesus and, to put him to the test, asked him : ’Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?’

In our present context, the clarity and sharpness Jesus has can put is into difficulty, it is a delicate thing to declare these truthes in the present day. We all know of couples who are seperated and we know very well what suffering and pain these people carry , as well as their children. Aware of these pains,it is hard for us not to bring some relief into their lives, and to be of help them as much as we are able. These people agree with the Gospel text, but how can we be at the same time faithful to the Gospel text and yet welcome these people who have failed in their conjugal relationship! Jesus leads us into a way of unity and fidelity. But to build this unity is a trial which many of us aren’t ready to face. We pray for families so that they may find the beauty of God’s plan of God’s Love for them. Whatever the way we may have been conceived, whatever kind of welcome we recieved from our parents, God’s commandment comes about after many long years of purification. We are witnesses of sufferings, wounds that a daddy, a mummy can inflict on their child. But also, wounds that children can generate towards their parents. Often these sufferings are reproduced from generation to generation. There is often a link in this with what many couples go through. These childhood wounds aren’t ’far behind’ adult life. We are created in the image of God who is Love, fully unified to Love We are called to reflect amongst us this unity of Love : to be faithful, as God is faithful; trust like God trusts our freedom; live in communion as God is communion of Love : Father-Son-Holy Spirit.

“Jesus replied ’It was because you were so hard hearted that he wrote this commandment for you. But fromt h ebeginning of creation ’he made them amle and female. This is why a man leaves his father and mother and the two become one flesh.They are no longer two, therefore, but one flesh.So, then, what god has united, human beings must not divide.”

Our origin is from God who dispalyed in us his gift, for we make a ’unity’ of our parents in God’s plan of Love for us! God foresaw for us a Daddy and a Mummy, ’living instuments’! They will allow our life to spring up, when we

reognise this presence of God Love in our lives and this can be very healing. But in order to welcome this Word we need to recognise all the spiritual strength it contains. Jesus underlines the spiritual dimension in the couple , this little’one’ that has a particular sense : ’Hear, Israel, the Lord, your God is one.’ We are made in God’s image and it is the Lord who unifies us. A new humanity, regenerated by Jesus’ passion and Mary’s Compassion can be born once more. A new divine life that is brought to birth in us by the cross of Jesus. Mary as well as the Apostle John is present at the Cross. Jesus who was brought downn suffered his Passion, found in Mary a great compassion for God’s people. At the foot of the Cross, she is the Woman who became our mother in Jesus, her crucified son.

People were bringing little children to him, for him to touch them. The isciples scolded them, but when Jesus saw this he was indignant and said, ’Let the little children come to me ; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs."

The fruit of human Love( linked to divine Love, engaged on this way of unity, of fidelity, and of fecundity) is the child. The two parents are not alone in this committment. Without God’s presence at our sides, could one succeed at keeping a committment and loving for ever the one same person, fruit of this Love? That requires a real, continual heroic surpassing of oneself . This is why the presence and help of the our Trinity-God, who is communion of Love, is the necessary support to enable us to go right to the end of our committment. It is the Holy Spirit, united to our own spirit, that allows us to go infinitely beyond what we could concieve of love. Little by little, our human love is lead and transformed so as to participate in the very love of the Father for the Son and so we become participants in God’s Love. The Holy Family of Mary and Joseph, with Jesus, is a very happy family for us to contemplate. Jesus, the Eternal Word of God, the beloved Son of the Father, took flesh of the Virgin Mary in a human family. Thanks to Him, we have access to divine filiation, and the human family can blossom in love. This new life is given to us in the family, in the Church. God , who is at the origin of our life when the world was created, created for man a companion that went well with him. We contemplate the foundation of the work of God’s Creation which goes deep, one which is fundamental for the formation of every society.

We ask for grace to come into our families and for the families of the whole world.

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