3.L’Arche, a family unified by the face of the poor. l’Arche, une famille unifiée par le visage du pauvre

Sunday 14 February 2016

3.L’Arche, a family unified by the face of the poor.

(L’Arche, une famille que le visage du pauvre unifie.)

The communities of l’Arche are founded upon the recognition of the dignity and the vocation of the person with a disability. The Gospel gives meaning to the situation of mankind in distress.Again, it is the announcement of the mystery of the Man of sorrows described in the forth song of the Servant in Isaiah. Jesus has accomplished once and for all this announcement by saving us in the Joy of the Resurrection. Today, families, religious people, priests, professionals form a big family unified by the face of the poor. In l’Arche there is a path for the different ways to serve God’s Kingdom. Openness to the poor brings to each one, whatever his state of life may be, a specific gift for his Chrsitian life. The Christian community of l’Arche becomes also the milieu to carry people who are in search of their vocation.

When an assistant comes to l’Arche, this is a decision that brings a true change of perspective for them. Each one is going to be implied in links of love weaved day after day with the people taken cared of in their daily life.

The openness provoked by the presence of assistants who come from all horizons of the world is going to permit an openness to different cultures that are not yet apprehended. That will also be a source of great riches. To live with the poor is to be opened up once again to the plan of Love God has. It is the change brought about by the Incarnation, the coming of Our Lord Jesus, the Son of Mary in human flesh. The meaning is given to us by the Word of God and by the different community and religious celebrations. The Christian community of the community of the poor doesn’t leave young people insensitive. The Mystery of Mary, the first one on the way to following Jesus, will be a source of comprehension offered to them. In the hidden life of l’Arche, so similar to that of Nazareth, we will be able to come and draw strength and light. The light of a face, the shining example of a life that is given, of a heart thirsty for love , this place of humanity becomes the Way of God, the Way of the Church.

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