5.Françoise : a life! Françoise : une vie!

Sunday 14 February 2016

5.Françoise : a life!

Françoise : a life! What did Emmanuel Mounier look for in his little Françoise, who had an encephaly that had affected her reason. She only had a face of absence, at times a ’presence ’dwelt there which glows in the heart of silence (as soon as we stop making noises in ourselves) She had for him, as for the first little Poor, the face of Divine Poverty.

“What meaning would all this have if our daughter were only a piece of ruined flesh, a bit of accidental life and not this white host that is beyond us all, which would dazzle it if we were to see it face to face.”

Clothed with a ’presence’ that glows in silence. Every hard blow as a new elevation which each time, when our heart began to get used to it, adpated to the former blow, is anew question of love.(quoted by Zundel).

It is in faith, and hope that such a great mystery was revealed to the world :

“God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son.”

The poor dwell in this Presence of Christ in a surprising way :

’Whoever receives him becomes similar to Him.’

’I bless you, Father, ’Jesus will say’ for having hidden these things to the wise and knowledgeable and for having revealed them to the tiny little ones.Yes, father no one knows the Father if not the Son and no one knows the Son if not the Father to whom the Father chooses to reveal it.“The Father reveals this mystery to Mary because she has but one desire, to know Him, her God. She is just a Desire : this opening up of her whole being to her God for Him to reveal Himself to her.”Do everything He tells you“she said at Cana to the servants.”As I have loved you, love one another."Jesus tells us. It is a new Love that saves us and that already brings about the Civilisation of Love.

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