7.George and fragility Georges et la fragilité

Sunday 14 February 2016

7.George and fragility

He has left us now, but I can still see him, so serious. George had ’myopathy’ and was therefore very fragile, unable to stand on his legs very well. I can still here him expressing himself on the Gospel : ’The Good Samaritan is Jesus who takes care of us.’ And his big smile when he says ’ You, too, are a Good Samaritan!’

George had an experience with the assistant there with him of the Love of the Father made known in Jesus. But the person of the assistant is provoked by the compassion when faced with George’s distress for he has a real need for help. In this mysterious exchange, the Holy Spirit, the ’Father of the poor’ acts in the secret of hearts. A surge of life does indeed surge forth from this encounter.

The Father’s Love is therefore revealed to him by the presence of the assistant there for him. As Jesus manifests the Father when he comes to save us, the assistant reveals Jesus in the concern he has for George’s well-being. But in his poverty and dependence, Georges is also an icon of Jesus who saves the world.

The poor person provokes the Love of the heart of the assistant who comes to his aid. As he and with Him he provokes the Love of the heart of the assistant who is his help.

The person with disability is an instrument of the ’spiral’ of love in the assistant’s heart by his very poverty which aspires for love and thus provokes the act of love in the one who comes to his aid. And so George enters into ’paternity’ and allows the person who helps to also be a father. The Holy Spirit, Father of the poor, is the Source of this new Love in the assistant’s heart.

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