Wednesday of 14th week, even numebred year Mercredi de la 14 e semaine, année paire

"Proclaim that the Kingdom of God is very near.’
Tuesday 19 April 2016

Hos.10,1…12 Ps.113 Mt.10,1-7

Wednesday of 14th Week, even numbered year

“Then Jesus called his twelve disciples and gave them authority to chase away evil spirits and to heal all kinds of infirmities. These are the names of the Twelve Apostles : Simon who w as called Peter, and Andrew his brother ; James, son of Zebedee and John his brother ; Philip and Barthelme; Thomas and Matthew, the tax collector; James son of Alpheus and Thaddeus; Simon the Cainite and Judas Iscariot who would betray him.”

Jesus sent the Twelve off on mission, He calls them, it is an invitation which implies an interest from Jesus towards them.

The twelve chosen by Jesus represent each Christian, he calls them by their name. The twelve disciples became twelve apostles. Jesus spent the night in prayer before choosing them. In this prayer to his Father, Jesus knows that it is they the Father chose.

We too are chosen, called by Him. Jesus has called us by our name and in this call w e belong to Him. We have made our dwelling place in Him, we are from now on like Him, people sent out. Following Him we offer up our life to Him and for Him. We remain united to Jesus our Saviour, we belong to Him. It is a same call of Jesus that we are found to form together a new community.

“These are the Twelve whom Jesus sent after having given them the following indications : don’t go on the road of the non- Jews, and don’t go into the town of the Samaritans; but rather go towards the lost sheep of Israel.”

This call brings power and responsibilities for each person, the power of the grace that acts, the responsibility to care for every sickness and languor.

Humanity is in need of Jesus’ Salvation. He invites us to gaze on those who are less favoured, those who are mislead by sin. The message is one of Salvation, of confidence and of hope, a message of joy. It transforms and vivifies. It is capable of touching every person in the deepest part of his being.

Jesus is Sent from the Father. He dwells in the Heart of the Father. Sent by Jesus we remain in Jesus, in the Father’s Heart. This is where our strength is, Jesus sends us to the lost sheep of Israel! He gives us his Holy Spirit to bring

about his work of Love. We are not sent for a human mission with human means. We are sent in the Holy spirit who dwells within us, so as to bear witness to God’s Kingdom.

“On your way proclaim that the Kingdom of God is very near.”

We have to let our joy be known, announce the Good News to others, this is sharing their joy.

This treasure isn’t just for ourselves, it is already in other people and we must share it, transmit it and make sure the greatest number of people encounter Jesus and be made happy for doing so.

God’s Love and Mercy are so great! Let us follow his Voice, and be is apostles!

We shall discover that by making other people happy, we too shall be happier and our reward will be eternal life.

We wish to live from the Kingdom, from this New Love Jesus brought, so as to proclaim that He is very close. The witness of our life becomes a Living Word. We ask the Father for the courage that Jesus had so as to live together like brothers and sisters so as to announce the Kingdom for which Christ offered up his Life.

Called by Jesus, each one the Apostles made up only one. Not only one, in the unity of their mission, but also unified in the most intimate part of their being. Jesus, who called them, wants them to call new friends after him, in the Holy Spirit. This is the mystery of the Church, of those whom the Father chose in order to ’ proclaim that the Kingdom of God is very near.’

We ask for the grace that we recognise that we are called and sent out in order to better live from the Kingdom which we announce.

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