Tuesday of 18th week, even numbered year mardi de la 18e semaine, année paire

“When evening came he was there alone.”
Wednesday 25 May 2016

Jr.28,1-17 Ps.118 Mt.14,22-36

Tuesday of 18th week even numbered year

"And at once Jesus made his disciples to get into the boat and go on ahead to the other side while he sent the crowds way.

After sending the crowds away he went up into the hills by himself to pray."

Jesus made the disciples get into the boat, for they hadn’t had faith in Jesus who had multiplied bread and fish. Like the crowds, they too wanted make of Jesus their king who frees them from the Romans! They don’t hear his Word, nor get started to follow him. They are seeking security from the outside and tranquillity, also. They are invaded by thought about John the Baptist who had just been killed! The storm is going on on the inside but it will be for a new manifestation of God’s Tenderness!

On this earth, to have faith in Jesus is to trust in His invitation to participate in his victory over all evil here below.

Jesus was the first to cross the waters without being swallowed up by death.

To have faith means, like the Virgin Mary standing at the foot of the Cross, to keep standing in storms, walking on the waters by the grace of Jesus and by the strength of the Holy Spirit.

We enter into a crisis that is difficult to grasp for we see how the meaning of the miracle of the loaves wasn’t understood.

John will say that the crowd are seeking him because they have stuffed themselves with bread. The crowd is looking for Jesus so as to make him their King and the disciples are taken in by them!

"The boat, by now some furlongs from land, was hard pressed by rough waves, for there was a head-wind.

In the forth watch of the night he came towards them, walking on the sea, and when the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified.

’It is a ghost’ they said and cried out in fear. But at once Jesus called out to them, saying : ’Courage! It’s me: Don’t be afraid!’

It was Peter who answered, ’Lord’, he said’ if it is you, tell me to come to you across the water.’

Jesus said ’Come.’

Then Peter got out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus across the water, but then noticing the wind, he took fright and began to sink.’

Lord!’ He cried ’Save me!’

We too shall have to walk on troubled waters, confront head strong winds. We know that Jesus has overcome death and evil, but he hasn’t yet calmed the storm that is shaking our boat. The storm will be calmed when Jesus gets into the boat.

The waters are the symbols of the forces of evil and death, the place where sea monsters live. To walk on water means that the forces are dominated, by this act it is an announce of the Resurrection that is to come.

By inviting Peter to follow him, Jesus invites him to participate in his victory over death and evil. Peter moves forward, he too walks on the waters, but when he becomes aware of the wind that is blowing he doubts about whether to be able to go right to the end. He takes fright and plunges.

As long as he placed his confidence in Jesus’ Word, he could walk, but doubt and fear make him go down.

"Jesus stretched out his hand at once and held him. ’You have so little faith’, he said, ’’why do you doubt?’ And as they got into he boat the wind dropped. The men in the bot bowed down before him and said ’Truly, you are the Son of God.’

Having made the crossing they came to land at Gennesaret.

When the local people recognised him they spread the news throughout the whole neighbourhood and took all that were sick to him, begging him just to let them touch the fringe of his cloak.

And all those who touched it were saved."We are terrified by stormy seas, by head-winds; we are not fearless when faced with bodily death, we might be frightened by forces of evil in our world and in our heart. The fact that Jesus walks upon waters during a storm and that he invites us to follow him, we can se how he invites us to have confidence in him.

By his Resurrection he overcomes death and by the gift of the Holy Spirit he invites us to follow him from now on.

We mustn’t let ourselves be impressed by contrary, agitated elements which keep on blowing.

God’s presence is a delicate Presence that doesn’t impose itself with force. We let ourselves be invaded by the strength of the Holy Spirit who has us hold out come what may.

In this new Love we come to each other’s help so as to build up a new humanity which is preparing the coming of God’s Kingdom.

If we love one another, then God is made visible. Jesus offers everything to the Father and brings about the Heavenly Kingdom amongst us!

We ask for the grace to lean always upon Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

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