Monday of 23rd Week, Ordinary Time Lundi de la 23e semaine, Temps Ordinaire

“Jesus said to them, ’I put it to you: is it permitted on the Sabbath to do good,or to do evil ; to save life, or to destroy it’?”
Wednesday 2 September 2015

Col. 1, 2 4-2, 3 Ps.61 Lk. 6, 6-11

Monday of 23rd Week, unven numbered year

“Now on another Sabbath he went into the Synagogue and began to teach,and a man was present, and his right hand was withered. The scribes and the Pharissees were watching him to see if he would cure somebody on the Sabbath, hoping to find him something to charge him with.”

During his ministry, Jesus works tirelessly when he accomplishes powerful works to deliver people from sickness, suffering and death. The First Testament had put into place the Sabbath day as a day of liberation, and it should never have been observed just for its structure and laws, otherwise it lost all its genuine meaning. Jesus gives it back its original value : ’The Sabbath is made for man and not man for the Sabbath.’ in the assembly there is a man with a pralysed hand and Jesus is taken up with compassion for him. The compassion he has for this man gets on the Pharisees’ and Scribes’nerves for they can’t bear the fact that Jesus heals people on the Sabbath day. Jesus knows very well that if he heals this man on the Sabbath day he is going to be condemned. We ask for the grace to come to know Jesus, to know the gentleness of his friendship, his feelings in his heart and the combat we are engaged in with him : a combat for life.

"Jesus knew their thoughts ; and he said to the man with the withered hand , ’Get up and stand in the middle!’ And he came forward and stood there. Then Jesus said tot hem, ’I put it to you : is it permitted on the Sabbath to do good, or to do evil ; to save life or to destroy it?’

Jesus is determined to save us, to plunge us down into his great Love, he wants to save humanity from the state of misery it finds himself in. We, too, undergo all kinds of difficulties, we have a hard time when we are underging harships, whether it be psychological, affective, materiel…what to do about it? Again, Jesus says : ’Is it allowed to do good?’ Yes, this man replies within himself,and he stretches out his hand ’and his hand became normal again." Jesus and the People exult with joy at this healing, but the Phariseens are furious with Jesus for being so free. By these healings accomplished on the day of rest, Jesus

wants to show how the sabbath belongs to him, for he truely is the Son of God and it is on the day one is to be consecrated to God and to others. We may ask the question : is our life totally orientated towards Jesus, is it for him, do we believe he really is the Saviour, when we are in difficult situations? Jesus teaches us how God’s love is spread in suffering humanity, it frees the heart of man, taking upon himself its salvation.

“Then he looked round at them all and said tot he man, ’Stretch out your hand.’ He did so, and his hand was restored. But they were furious and began to discuss the best way of dealing with Jesus.”

The gentleness and humilty of God lead us to discover the ardour Jesus has in wanting to save us. Jesus will give up his life in order to save us. We ask for the grace of Christ’s love for his people, that we may have love one for another, in such a way that our life is spent in serving our sisters and brothers at all times. This grace of Jesus sets us before our calling : free from evil, to practice fraternity and sharing,this confers on our life its most noble meaning. This is how Jesus permits humanity to walk towards the eternal Sabbath, towards the rest that becomes the feast to which humanity inwardly aspires. It is precisely to this extent that Jesus orientates humanity to have an experience of a Sabbath day for God and of his convivial life, that on earth he inauguraes the new creation.The Church is all these linkss weaved amongst us, all the sufferings offered up for the greatest Glory of God and the salvation of our sisters and brothers. All that is given to us to live for the Body of Christ, the Church. We ask our Heavenly Father for the grace to know Jesus even more deeply!

We ask for the grace to enter into the fidelity of God so as to be taken up to Christ

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