Pentecost year A mass of the Day Pentecote année ’A’ messe du jour

’Peace be with you!’
Tuesday 4 April 2017

Ac.2,1-11 Ps.103 1 Co.12,3b-7.12-13 Jn.20,19-23

Pentecost mass of the day year’A’

’When evening came, ont he first day of the week, whereas the doors of where the disciples were locked in out of fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood there in their midst. He said to them : ’Peace be with you!’   If we are to recieve this Peace we need the gifts of the Holy Spirit! When we have had the experience of God’s Goodness and of his Love we don’t want anything other than His Love. When faced with the marvellous reality of the Ressurection face with this great Love of our Heavenly Father, our only wish is to be clothed in a great delicacy towards our sisters and brothers. The gift of knowledge given to is is this ’divine instinct’ that has us come to an understanding of the distress that is around us so that we seek a remedy. The spirit of counsel has us take the right means to join God and serve him with holiness in our own lives. Again we are in need of the spirit of intelligence who will give us the meaning of the realities of our faith. The gift of piety is this delicacy of love and the gidt of Wisdom has us taste how goo the Lord is. We need to be moved by the Spirit of God so as to receive teh gifts of the Holy Spirit and teh spirit of adoration.   “After having spoken he showed them his hands and his side. The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord. Jesus said tot hem once more : ’Peace be with you! As the Father sent me I too shall send you.” After Jesus’ death, teh Breath of God was spread out intot he world. All that people had spoken of about God, philospehers, all religions, all this was turned topsy-turvey. Jesus had said ; ’The Son of God must die in order to manifest the gift of God, True Life! The Risen Jesus reveals that God is Love and that he will never be anything other than Love. ’Having loved those whow ere His in the world, He loved them right till the end.’ Jesus puts into place God’s infnite Love! The Holy Spirit is given by Jesus to His Church which is His Body, his Beloved Bride, it is the shaking of a violent breath of wind. The Apostles who were there were deeply moved. A new era for the world is truley begun.   ’Having spoken he breathed on them and said tot hem ’Recieve the Holy Spirit’. Whoevers’ sins you forgive they will be forgiven; whoever’s sins you keep they will be kept.’ Jesus give sthe Holy Spirit, He who is God, so that from now on he will live in our human nature. Little by little we allow ourselves to be emptied of ourselves and within us the good earth will be soaked with divien Dewfall. Maryw as tehre in the midst of the apostles, we are very much in need of the fact that she was there for our lips are impure, our heart is divided, our desires unclear. Now she is nothing but an inspiritation towards God : ’Come, oh yes, come Lord Jesus!’ All those in Jerusalem couldn’t belive it because each person could hear the Apostles speak tot hem in their own language. This is the language of Love, the language of the heart which has us join all people and to recognise ourselves in others.

We ask for the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to prepare a space within ourselves for God.

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