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“Come to me all you who labour, and I shall give you rest.”
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Ga.6,14-18 Ps.15 Mt. 11, 25-30

St. Francis of Assisi 4th October Come to me, all you who suffer under burdens and I shall give you rest Ga 6,14-18 Ps.15 Mt.11,25-30 At that time, Jesus spoke ’Father, Lord of heaven and of earth I proclaim your praise: what you have hidden to the wise and knowledgeable, you have revealed to the little ones.’ Jesus calls Francis to ’build up my church.’ At the age of 24, Francis is called to follow Jesus who is Poor and ’divine poverty’ will take on a face: that of ’Lady Poverty.’ This is the mystery of humanity which is fundamentally renewed, the face of Mary who appears in transparency and who gives the face of Jesus, Son of God. Jesus affirms the splendour of the ’Father, Son of Heaven and of earth.’ In this world God reveals his truth to the children and those who are humble. We need humility to ask God to reveal Himself to us. Jesus’ warm presence introduces us to know him through a revelation that comes from God Himself. It is produced in the night of faith, in the heart of those whose link with God shows a sincere faith. To know in all truth what God’s design is as a disciple of Jesus, leads us to rest. Jesus wants us to become his happy disciples as we follow his teaching. The Saviour comes to relive the pains of the poor and littles ones who cry towards Him for help. His wish is to bring rest to all those who recognise sin as the reason for their fatigue, to those dissatisfied with life. Jesus traces a free path in peoples’ lives, which nothing can close up. He invites us to come to Him. “Yes, Father, this is what you wished in your goodness. Everything has been commended to me by my Father; no one knows the Son, except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son, and whoever the Son wishes to reveal it.” Francis of Assisi identifies himself to Jesus, he heard his call. He took the path of the greatest Love. All, from the smallest to the poorest, to the person who is the most abandoned to the one who has been the most rejected, we can live this Infinite Love. Jesus declares that God the Father has placed all things into his hands, everything that the universe contains is under his authority. Jesus has us enter into praise which has us see things and every person differently. He binds us to the One who created them, He looks at them without any desire whatsoever to possess them. The world seems a new one, flowing with life, a call to relationship for all those who have been commended to us. Jesus brings about this admiration and this joyful surprise put into place by the Father for the salvation of humanity.; The little ones and the poor accept with all their heart to open up to the hope Jesus brings them. “Come unto me all you suffer under the weight of burdens, and I shall obtain rest for you.” Francis can enter into this mysterious relationship with the Father and the Son. To live out of love means to live from the Holy Spirit in a surprising way. We belong to the Father the Source and Origin of all things, one thing alone counts really for us, to live from love and to die of love. In the strength of the Love of Christ, all things are burnt and only Love remains. ’Take up his cross’ and ’take on the burden’ are the means to follow Jesus. Jesus’ disciple has the experience of following him, taking up his Cross, learning from him gentleness and humility. Come to me, you are all tired and burdened, overcome by the weight of sin, and you shall find rest. We do in fact bear the burden of our sins and our wish is to pass under Jesus’ burden for it is He who saves us. Jesus invites us to put Him at the heart of our lives, to serve Him in order to make his Kingdom progress in gentleness and in the humility of heart. When we turn to Jesus, the Word of God reassures us and we find rest for our souls. Jesus frees us by placing upon our shoulders a weight, it is that which gives the joy of the Kingdom, the happiness of those who know they are loved and forgiven. In Francis of Assisi, everything became light for everything was burned out of love, all that remains is the child of the Father, the friend of the Bridegroom. All that remains is the Bride who allows herself to be flooded by the infinite love of God and who overflows with joy. We ask for the grace to be open, welcoming, gentle and humble of heart faced with God’s Infinite Love.

Saint Francis of Assisi - 4th October Feast Days of October

“At that time, Jesus exclaimed, ’I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to little children.”

We have heard a cry of jubilation from Jesus which is, at the same time, a cry of praise to the Father : ’I bless you Lord of heaven and earth! ’ What provokes this astonishment in Jesus is quite simply the pedagogy put into place by the Father for the salvation of mankind :’ You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to the tiny ones.’

The little ones, the poor in Spirit, accept with all their heart to open themselves up to the hope brought by Jesus. And so Jesus lets his joy burst forth as he sees God working in little ones so much, rallying them around to his Loving designs. Saint Francis of Assisi is part of these little ones who shine forth so greatly. He is this ’ poor, little man’ whose life finds an echo in the life of so many people whatever their religion or philosophy might be.In Francis’ family, no one ever lacked anything, he was rather from a wealthy background that might make others envious. In a mysterious way, it was after his illness that Francis went into a Church and received this invitation from Jesus calling him to follow him : ’Francis, rebuild my Church.’ When he was at the age of twenty-four, he made the choice to follow Jesus who is poor and ’Divine Poverty’ will take on a new face : ’ Lady Poverty.’ This is the mystery of humanity that is fundamentally renewed; Mary’s face appears transparently, giving her face to Jesus, the Son of God.

“Yes, Father, for that is what it pleased you to do. Everything has been entrusted to me by my Father ; and no one knows the Son except the Father, just as no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.”

This simplicity of heart is a richness of spirit and a clear way of seeing things that no science could ever transmit, unless it was the ’science of Love’, as Saint Teresa of Lisieux would say. Genuine life, a life according tot he Gospel has for a base fidelity and greatness of soul, and is what Jesus tells us to live in our

daily life made up of little things, of a great weight of love and of charity. Francis had heard the call of Jesus and he identifies himself to Him. On Mount Alverne, he is the first of those who will bear in their flesh the marks of the Crucified Jesus. Jesus’ Cross is the Source of a new Love for Francis :’ Through the Cross, the world is forever crucified for me and I am crucified for the world.’ If we start on a path of poverty as did Francis, we take the path of the greatest Love : to be no longer attatched to anything other than one thing alone : God’s Infinite Love : If I dwell in Love, I dwell in the abundance of all things, nothing will ever be able to tourment me if it is not to dwell in this Love. The Apostle Saint Paul had already said this : ’May the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Chrsit be the only thing that I am proud of.’ We can all live from this Infinite Love, from the smallest to the poorest, from the most abandonned to the most rejected amongst us.

“Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Yes, my yoke is easy and my burden light.”

We aren’t owners of the Revelation, we aren’t its masters, it is God’s work through the Word of God when it is listened to in silence. We need to come to know Jesus humbly, for no one knows the Son if it isn’t the Father, and it is the Father who reveals his Son in us. He reveals Him to us as the Servant who has suffered , like a crucified Messiah who was then glorified. Jesus frees mankind by placing on his shoulders a burden that is light, a burden that brings about the Joy of the Kingdom, a happiness for those who know themselves to be loved and forgiven. This is how Jesus frees us little by little from the weight of our selfishness and our agressivity. For Francis of Assisi, everything has taken on an aspect of lightness for everything has been burned up out of Love : all that remains is the child of the Father, the friend of the Bridegroom. The only thing left is the bride who lets herself be flooded with God’s Infinite Love and who is overflowing with great joy. Francis can enter into this mysterious realtionship with the Father and the Son- live from love, that is, from the Holy Spirit in an astonishing way. We belong to the Father who is the Souirce and origin of all things. One thing alone really counts for us : to live from love and to die from love. In the strength of the Love of Christ, averything is burned up and all that remains is Love.

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