Saint Maximilan Kolbe

Jeudi 12 août 2021

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“Let the children come to me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like them.”

Vendredi 4 juin 2021

Jos 24,14-29 ; Ps 15 ; Mt, 19, 13-

“They then presented some children to Jesus for him to lay his hands upon them, but the disciples pushed them aside”

Children are always a challenge to us, When we celebrate Father Kolbe we are here before a great challenge of the Gift of life. Through the encounter with this Sain,t Jesus enriches us. From a very early age, God spread out his hands over him. Thanks to the grace of Mary, he entered into the reality of the poverty of human existence so as to submit himself to the Will of the Father. Jesus enlightened the Fire of his Love in his heart. The good seed of his Word came to life in his life like leaven in dough. We come to discover how in all his actions the Gift of God is always at work. He works very freely to spread the message Mary brings to the world and to the Church. God’s Kingdom established by Jesus is a pure Gift from God. Father Kolbe is a child of the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Mary will be His whole Life in his union with Crucified Jesus. His docility, his common sense for truth co operate with the Work of God in a surprising way. He underwent misundestandings that opened him up to have faith in the way of littleness. It is with this faith that we move forward as we follow him, with Mary.

“Jesus said to them ‘let the children come dose, don’t prevent them from coming to me, for the Kingdom of God is for those who ressemble them.”

At the school of Mary, Father Kolbe received the Tender Love of Jesus for the little ones. This gospel scene is incredibly human. The parents who are good want Jesus to bless their children. The disciples believe that Jesus came for grown-ups. In Jewish society children didn’t have any rights, they couldn’t dominate anybody. This is why Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to them rather than to those who dominate other people. It is when he is faced with the cry of this man for his wife and children that Maximilian Kolbe will give up his life. In this way, following Mary at the Cross who ‘gives’ Jesus, he will live this hell in the death camp with God.Jesus, xhen faced with all the sorrowful events of his life, wimm embrace them with a wam Heart. It is in following Him, at the school of Mary, that Father Kolbe will welcome the Blessings from God for his suffering brothers in the camp. He is going to transform this death camp by proclaming the praises of the Living Jesus. In this way the Loving Tenderness of the Heart of Jesus for those who suffer will be able to express itself once more. The attitude of true life for every human being makes us enter into gratuitous Love. We come into an exchange through the welcome of it and the offering of ourselves. What we recieve, we can giv it to others in turn, and what we give again can be recieved once again and once more offered.

“He lay his hands upon them , then left from there”

Jesus loved little children, he rejoiced at their innocence and fun. In their eyes he could see the purity of their souls and the trust in their hearts. The Kingdom of God belongs to those who have a child’s heart. Father Maximilian Kolbe drew to Jesus people who were condemned to death.

Jesus is clear and reassuring when he gives gestures of comfort. By laying his hands in a fundamental gesture of blessings, Maximilian opens up the condemned people to life. The greatest work was to celebrate the wonders of God in this impossible universe of that death camp.

Everything becomes possible when we come under the Blessings of the laying of the hands. It is a language of Love in the Name of God. In the Holy Spirt, the respect given to life in this place of death camp is already the exercise of the Ressurection of Jesus. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, intercedes close to God so that we become more simple and that we give him praise and glory. May she have us follow Jesus on the path of faith , hope and filial Love as we imitate Father Kolbe. This is how new life is born, and new relationships too, God’s Kingdom is already made present. Jesus loves us and modifies ourway of seeing things so that we can come to understand His Immense Love. It is by having an even greater confidence in the heart of the little ones who look towards Jésus that we move forward as we follow Father Kolbe , led by the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Let us ask and pray for the grace of conversion.

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