Saturday of 25th week, uneven numbered year Samedi de la 25e semaine, année impaire

’’The disciples did not understand what he said ; it was hidden from them."
Tuesday 29 September 2015

ZA.2,5-9,14-15a Ct. Jr 31 Lk. 9,43b-45

Saturday of 25th Week, uneven numbered year

“Everyone was full of admiration for all God did.”

Jesus does miracles, brings the dead back to life. We would really want to say to him : ’Lord, stay with us.“We feel so well together, with such lovely euphoric feelings. Jesus takes his disciples aside and says to them very intently :” Keep these words contantly in mind : the Son of man will be delivered up to men.’ Jesus who does so much good to us, bringing us so much peace, will suffer.He will be dragged before the tribunes like an evil doer! He will be sold, betrayed, immollated. It’s the path of pain that joins humanity in its pain. Jesus will join each person in their suffering. He will join each person in the depth of his distress.

“Keep these words constantly in mind : the Son of man is going to be delivered into the power of men.”

A teacher, a daddy or mummy would take his child aside to say yo him : ’Listen to me, will you? Get it into your head..“This will show him how serious the matter is! Jesus announces that the Son of man is going to be delivered up to men. It is the second announcement of the Passion which manifests to us how much Jesus joins humanity in its distress in order to save it. God is not absent in the midst of our miseries, suffering, wounds : he bears them on his cross. But the suffering of humanity and its distress anguish us!”The disciples did not understand what he said ; it was hidden from them so that they should not see he meaning of it, an dthey were afraid to ask him about it.“Only the Resurrection will grasp the amplitude of the Salvation brought about by Jesus. From now on, God will dwell in all types of solitude, distress and all lack of support. We who have such a hard time with evil, can give thanks to God and join in with those who cry out : ’Jerusalem is an open town.” The Christian community is an open community, and it takes care from now on of all distress, of all types of suffering, responding to the cry of the poor with Mary’s compassion, for Mary is the Mother of Compassion. All of humanity,

which is our family, is called to life. ’Sing, rejoice, daughter of Sion, for here I am coming, I shall dwell amongst you, declares the Lord." Everyone is in admiration before all Jesus’ works.

We ask God for the grace that He may come to our help, so that we may be healed and thus be a support for those who suffer.

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